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i build one template for tdesign company. rate it and post you think about it

LINK to template IMAGE (JPG)
TDesign wrote:
i build one template for tdesign company. rate it and post you think about it

LINK to template IMAGE (JPG)

Not bad for a beginner, however if this is meant to be a professional template, I think there is a very long way to go yet.

I'm talking gradient surfaces, text development, drop-shadows, glass-effects, reflections, border work, overlays, menu development...
{name here}
There are two kinds of web designs - Minimalist and Maximumist, and you tried to do both. Mixing the two doesn't often give you a great design.

Insert your menu on the left and lighten or severely darken the colour scheme. That's the only thing I can come up with for now.
Your template, as mentioned before, is pretty good, but needs improvements for sure.

For a starter, your fonts. I don't really like how you have three fonts. See your logo? Now that font is nice and clean. I think it's good if you use that font for all your headings/subtitles.

You seemed to make your page in blurbs. I don't like their spacing nor their colours. It seems too... don't know how to put it exactly, but I think it's better you keep the left side blurbs one colour, and the right side blurbs another?

Try to make the whole right side one blurb, and don't end it with a rounded colner at the bottomr right hand side eitehr, just end and cut it off square? Try that. I'm not so sure about that.

The ad space is way too big, and for a starting site, I think, for a while at least, don't put ads up, especially not there where it's so distracting.

Try to manipulate table properties of percentages if you use tables or divs so that you can have it go full page. That minimalistic 800x600 size only applies to that resolution. It looks really silly with just that. As stated before you tried to make it look maxed too. Try to make it look less messy also. It just hits me that way.

Your white plain background, and your capital font with all the crowded boxes don't mix. The background seems to show off a simple idea? Yet, the blurbs make it seem really busy.

Play around, have fun and good luck~
Thanks.. I know that for fonts. Font for navigation is good but FONT for (Home Last News and other like that) is terrible... i searching for better fonts on and i find something good. Now i will edit template like you said.

i like the layouts. but i think it is too bright. try to make them a bit dimmer so that, the eyes doesn't get hurt when it is viewed at a glimp.
Don't look for very special fonts but just keep the basics. Use Verdana if you want to keep it simple but if you're looking for some class I'd use Arial 8pt.
As a template I'm not a fan for reasons other people have said. I'm not sure if other browsers do this, but Firefox (at least ff v2) automatically makes a favicon out of whatever image you're viewing, and it makes for a pretty good favicon up in the address bar.
Alkmania wrote:
Don't look for very special fonts but just keep the basics. Use Verdana if you want to keep it simple but if you're looking for some class I'd use Arial 8pt.

Yes, Very true.

Don't go downloading TFF"s around everywhere. Just use some simple font, unless it's an image thing for your sub title. Then that's okay.

Other than that, you should keep it simple.
It would be a very nice template for a smaller site for maybe a game clan or something but for a professional template it looks a little to plain.

I personally think it needs some more color to it but I can't really be sure what it needs without saying some text and other stuff with it to be honest.

Maybe if you had a site with the layout allready you could send me a message with that and I could be a little more helpful.
here is version 2

i use simple fonts and i think that you liked it

Pretty good.

Your banner with the space thing... that needs some re-doing.
It looks like the image there is stretched.

The menu fonts look kinda werid, but it's okay.

The background... it's a blue fading to like a pink... Kinda werid, but it does suit the space thing.

It's an okay template, but not that ... professional-looking?
It's clean and everything, but yeah.

The content is really really small. If you really want it that small...
up to you.

A big improvement, that's for sure.

I will worked on it but later. That critics i need and i got it


No problem. That's what use designers are here for: each other Smile

have fun with desgining in future!

remember to keep things clean, flowing to the eyes... and most of all... GOOD

don't try to make too fancy, cuz the simpler it is, usually is fancier!
haha have fun~
version 2 looks nice, but I think the banner could be better.
I have seen some better templates, but if you are a beginner it's quite good! Keep on going this work,

Both of them are very simple. But just keep trying and you will get there.
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