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maple story online

who got play this game?
Very Happy

A warrior that takes down the enemies and monsters, protecting the town in the process?

A bowman who can pierce the hearts of enemies with an arrow and a bow?

A magician that can wield mystical powers of magic at will?

A thief that thrives in shadows, using quick hands to stun the enemies?

enjoy in this game~ Very Happy
I play MapleStory. I was level 83, but got banned >.<
Now i'm at lvl 53 but not playing a lot
i used to play it but quit already since I felt boring to this game. It will be good if can play with a bunch of friends.
I thought the game's premis looked neat and I liked the concepts involved. For some reason I couldnt get it to work so I gave up. Not that there is much that can pull me away from World of Warcraft anyways;)
I tried this game but it just wasn't for me. I might start playing again since I quit runescape for good.
I played it for some time, but the grind just got to me after a while. It just became boring to sit in the same areas and kill the same enemies repeatedly because it took forever to level up after a certain point.
What do you mean "Maple Story Online?" I wasn't aware that there was a Maple Story Offline. I played it, got around to the 20s, got boring really quickly and stopped playing.
I used to play but then I started to play silkroad, went back to runescape, then xbox 360 and wii. Btw, I was only a lv 36 thief.
I play at mapleglobal, and i love the game, im a lvl 45 cleric.

My ign is Shiinesama, play with me =D
Ethan Bradley
I heard it was a soul-sucking demon. Shocked These games (I.e. Runescape - bad history with that one.) can be too addictive to me... I would be better off not playing them. Laughing
way too much grind. A simple game where every part of gameplay is really available to everyone or builds upon itself.

No holding ctrl or shift forever...
I used to play it, but the fact that leveling is extremely slow around the 20 mark, and that my character never really seemed to move anywhere when it came to overall power, I quit. I just can't stand grinding away at the same enemies for hours just to recieve a meager upgrade after I've already collected like a bajillion experience to get to the next level.
I used to play it and addicted to it also. But I quit and uninstall it when i reach level 20 something because felt boring on the game already. It would be nice and fun if can play with a bunch of friends.
You know Maple Story is being ported onto the DS in Korea? I think there are plans for Japan, Europe, and the U.S. too, but I have no exact details.
I tried downloading it awhile ago, but it just didn't work. It would randomly quit whenever I tried to play. Does anyone know why it would do it?

I've heard it's a really addictive and awesome game though. : (
Maple Story is a great game. It looks good and there are quite some possibilities to built your character.
But it just takes way too long to level after you are over level 20. Killing the same monsters with the same attack for days is just boring Mad
I used to play it for some months and with some friends its ok for a while, but they proved to be more patient and I stayed behind.
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