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Role Play - Dragon's Breath Tavern (OPEN)

OOC: Since I'm not able to find a roleplaying thread, I'll create a role play for anyone who is interested to join.

The rules are simple - anything that YOU say is considered Out of Character and should be marked OOC. Do NOT TWINK - a twink is when you control another person's character without their permission or do something to harm the character. One more rule - No one line posts and please, please, please run your post through a spell check first.

And last but not least, this RP is completely open for anyone to join. Just jump in and create a character. If anyone needs help, feel free to PM me and I'll see what I can do.


Salia lifted the heavy wooden tray, full of equally heavy flagons of ale and balanced it with a practiced ease on one shoulder. She walked away from the bar and started her rounds, serving the patrons, mostly locals and thirsty farmers. One such patron got a little too friendly and pinched her rear, his eyes were glazed over, drool pooled in the corners of his mouth - a result of too much ale - yes there is such a thing.

Salia plopped the tray of ale on the table closest to her, whirled around on one boot-clad foot, leaned over the man in question and said between clenched teeth, "What in Odin's name do you think you are doing? Do you want me to call Rinor and have him drag you out of her again, in front of all of your friends? Hmmm?" He flinched at the thought of the nearly seven foot tall man's rough treatment and lowered his head slightly and mumbled a half-hearted apology, "No ma'am. Won't 'appen again. I swear it!"

She mumbled under her breath and walked away from the drunken man, she had better things to do than worry about him right now. It was about time for the dinner rush and soon there would be more people crowding into the already crowded tavern, demanding their daily dose of watered down ale and stale bread.

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