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Post Apocalyptic Warfare --- screenshots

I know it sounds a little out there, most of you are probably thinking a real life situation, no, its actually the game im making...
ill upload around 11-13 screenshots, all im asking for is crits and comments.

P.s. its a fps, email me at if you want to beta test it in the future. i will not pick all persons to email me, only about 3-4 before i release this completed game
I am by no means an expert on this sort of thing, but so far it looks like great work. On a slight art / 3d rendering note, the skin tone on the arm could use some work, it looks a little off but I know that it's a very, very minor thing compared to everything else involved in programming a game.

What are your plans for releasing it? Do you have a game site, and what about a storyline? First person shooters aren't really my thing, I'm a bigger fan of strategy and role playing games, but so far so good. Just don't give up, and keep working at it.
Im going to be buying my dreamhost game site sometime next month, i have a storyline, but i dont want to give it away.
i plan on releasing it as freeware/shareware, i plan on releasing it sometime within a couple months
Well, if you need help on the storyline or need a proof reader / writer, it's what I do professionally so send me a PM and I'd be glad to help out or at least give creative crits. Plus I'll be sure to keep everything quiet.

I also know some good sites that help independent game developers, they do reviews and if you were to send a copy to them and get a good review, well it'd be sure to generate some interest in the game. Maybe even a few downloads or sales of the full version, depending on how you release it.

Please keep us posted on when you plan to do alpha / beta testing because my husband and I will be very interested.

-Alunasa from Rampant Insanity
Captain Fertile
Congrats - I think it looks great, especially for a freeware/sahreware game. If the other aspects live up to the screenshots I have high hopes for this one.

Good Luck.
Really nice!
thanks for the comments all i really appreciate it, im building more right now, so i may have screenshots up very soon Very Happy
Looks like you made it in FPS Creator?

That program sucks, a friend of me made a game with it. The game took 10 mins to load, and wasn't exciting at all. I stopped playing after 5 mins.
Well, I guess the only thing you can do in FPS Creator is level designing and his level designing sucked, it was the most boring game ever.

I hope your's will be better Smile

EDIT: Yeah, when thinking of it, your game looks much more exciting. My friends just had plain rooms with the same texture, same type of enemies and no objects... Rolling Eyes
Wow, well done. Good cool!
loghete, yes i understand, but no i actually take time to perfect my level design and lightmapping, there are many different enemys and different weapons and sounds to keep you busy whilst you go thru the game...i hope it looks interesting Very Happy
On the subject of weapons, what would it take to get a decent random chainsaw or flamethrower? Just asking. Wink

And I'm glad to hear that you take the time to do it right, getting as many details in as possible instead of rushing through things. One mistake that a lot of developers make is releasing software too early...
So what program did you use to make it? Or is it based on a mod of an existing game?
Donutey wrote:
So what program did you use to make it? Or is it based on a mod of an existing game?

As I pointed out, FPS Creator.
They're right. The skin tone of the hands needs a little more work. Other than that, i'd like to see bots Wink

However, so far so good
3 new screenies Very Happy

comments and crits welcome/needed
Hey...I know nothing about programming and the art behind it. I think the game looks pretty good by any means.

The only thing I want to know is what do the enemies look like? Are they already programmed in or are they still in design? Just that and the story.

I really would love to see the whole sort of process. I have always wondered if I could make a game.

so far the enemys are hazmat workers, assorted zombies, and Swat and SaS members, ill release the story with the first demo
It looks very dark on my screen but from what I can see it looks very well modeled. Perhaps you could make it brighter? Or tone down the weapon icon because since the screen is so dark, the weapon icon sticks out and is distracting. Keep us posted, I can't wait to see your progress!
Yea im sorry guys i havent keeped you guys posted on recent progress, ive changed alot, im on level 3 are some screens

P.s. notice the new hud i made Smile

Also if theyre too dark, then you should get a brighter moniter Smile theyre not too dark on my system

The last 2 screens were before i changed the numerics for the hud if your wondering
Looks great from what i can see, keep up the good work. Very Happy
Shading on the viewmodel & viewsleeves (or if you wanna call this viewhand lol) looks kinda weird. If you can't do it by code you could always bake shadows into the texture Smile
That looks really cool. I like the weapon models, especially the shotgun. I don't remember having seen many with the shotgun sawed off like that.

Do you have any screens to post with enemy models? Or even if you didn't have them in game.

I haven't heard of FPS Creator before. Is it pretty easy to use?
Holy crap that's good stuff. Keep it up.
If you guys really want ill let you see the enemies out of game, i have them in game, but im tweaking the lighting, so they look better and not entirely black.

Ill post a screenshot later, but for now im going to go play some everquest 2

if anyone wishes to join me im Srythe on Venekor
I am seeing the screens are dark, too. I think that is how it is suppose to look. It isn't that dark, but it is a sort of indoors lights off type look. Which sort fo suits the name. Like the new shots. The enemies sound kind of generic, but the hazmat guys are something I haven't seen.

Oh and shotguns? I'm in love. Drool

Looks great. Will this be purely a single player campaign? I think a game like this would be a fun multiplayer game. So, any idea when you will release?
I may release a multiplayer i dont know. but as for release dates i dont know, its looking like early march if not april because im only on level 5 and i need to manage to make new characters *mannequins* custom rigged animated textured and game ready, before i can finish level 5, once i finish the mannequins, no doubt in my mind i'll be releasing it in march.

new updated lightmap test of early screens of level 5
Duncan Idaho
Looks pretty good but I just want to know one thing. How long have you been at this?
Thats pretty cool, how did you do it?
Looks like its a pretty nice game.

What is the actual role of the game...shooter? RPG?
Captain Fertile
Sgtill looking good although some of the screens looked mighty dark.

I pity the fool who plays that in a sun drenched house during summer. (Don't ask why I suddenly went int Mr T mode there)!!!! Rolling Eyes
Lol its a shooter, and trust me its alot lighter in the game, i changed alot of the lightmaps, i just havent gotten around to uploading new screens
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