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DBZ the best

about anime characters i my opinion dbz hs the awesome characters. man i lov em esp GOKU......give ur reviews..
Im Goku, XD,

matta ne~
Actually, DBZ isnt the best anime IMO, i think DB is better (u know when hes more little).

But i would rather wath like Axumanga Daioh or something like that because thats funny, in i mean very funny =D.
Cant stop watching episode 22 haha.
The DB series is the best of all, no matter if it is DBZ or DB. I just love it, and it was broadcast on the television now and then. Some good shows just is unable to die out. Wink
Dragonball Z was neat alright, it was the first anime I saw, mainly because it was on television. Now that I've downloaded other animes and seen more, I can clearly say dragonball Z is not the best, haha. There's just much better stuff out there.

But really, Dragonball Z was awesome anyway Cool
Dragonball Z is awesome ive never seen dragonball thow Sad (i would like to) but i dont agree DBZ is the BEST anime...

any1 seen Naruto??
if not try it out! its in my eyes a better anime than DBZ (not that its a lot better but just a lil bit!)

i like Naruto so much so much!! i wish i knew where to get all the episodes from... Sad cus i want to see all the episodes from the beginning to the last!! ive seen it till 113 or sumthin like a year ago.. if any1 could help me finding all the eps pm me i would be so thankfull

if i am not mistakin naruto is not copyrighted in the EU...
this would mean for me downloading is not illegal
am i correct? or has this been changed by now?
If you're in the US, downloading/distributing Naruto episodes is illegal. Of course, there are still places where you can get them, though I won't mention where for obvious reasons Wink

DBZ was a good anime, but lacked a lot on character development and plot. It was just brainless action. Which is not a bad thing for a change, of course. Still, there are TONS of better animes out there... you just have to search.

A few titles that might be relevant to your interests: Fullmetal Alchemist, Elfen Lied, Bleach, Naruto.
DBZ is the best,
i like trunks and vegeta....
No matter how much we love DBZ, we must, first and foremost, abide by the rules of this forum. There is a Dragon Ball thread stickied, in which all dragon ball related posts should be made.
I'm pretty sure that Dragon Ball includes DBZ, so could a mod lock this topic?

If they are separate then please forgive my error.

Also jeconiah, your signature is too big.
DBZ is the best of all, but it starts scking when Gohan grows up. DB was also very good, but Goku and the other characters were so weak then, it's better when they become stronger Smile
dragonball is legend. i think this anime start heating up the thinking about ppl to anime. everyone start looking into anime that time. Smile
Dragon Ball Z was one of the very first anime series Ive seen as a child. This is why it brings lots of memories, but I dont thionk it is the best anime series out there, (specially by todays animation standards.) I think the animation quality differs from episode to episode sometimes they would reuse same frames of animation over and over again, and also remember the episodes where almost half of the episaode is a rec ap of what just happend from the last episode. I just think that DBZ could have been executed in a much lesser time say arounf 50 episodes only.
DB? DBZ? I Hate them [sorry] but actually I like it (only the beginning) but it's turned to be crappy, brainless action thing ahh forget that

If you said that DBZ was a best anime, then I could say that you only see DBZ

let's see there is lots better anime

Kamichu !!
Aria the Natural
Full Metal Alchemist
One Piece
School Rumble (and School Rumble Nigaki)
etc etc etc

there is lots of better anime.
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