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My girlfriend. :D

Subsonic Sound
How lucky am I?

Twenty months now, and she the most caring, sweet person you could ever hope to meet.

It's a long distance relationship, unfortunately, but going very strongly. I'm actually considering emigrating...
Very lucky, she looks gorgious!

But doesn't she look a bit young, or is it this picture?
Subsonic Sound
She's 19 - though the picture was taken when she was 18. She does look a bit younger than she is, but then so do I.

I've just gotten back from a trip over there - spent New Years with her. Which included meeting her family, which was a touch intimidating, but they all seemed to like me. Which bodes well!

She's a talented artist, too. Good enough that she doesn't realise it - since she spends all day at a dedicated Art college, she forgets what the normal level of skill is at drawing. I was supposed to be drawing a picture of myself, and she didn't seem to understand that even poring over it for ages, I couldn't do anything as good as she had whipped up in ten seconds. Smile
she looks cool
you are lucky to be with her

i hope to both of you to be Together For Ever Wink
Yea, She looks very good Smile
I hope you will have the same connection you have now, it sounds great.

Good Luck with her dude Smile
Subsonic Sound
I'll be honest - I've posted this picture before, and no-one believed me. Thought I'd gotten a picture off Google, and was sad enough to just claim she was my girlfriend. I've posted it again to try and bait people into saying the same before showing pics of us together. :p
Subsonic Sound, I remember that previous thread, and I really did not get that impression. Only 2 people were being sceptical and making a joke about it, which doesn't even mean that they completely didn't believe you, just doubting and asking for clarification. I think the way the two pictures were posted beneath each other, was making it look a bit suspicious - it would have been different in another post I think. You were just a bit unlucky I guess.

Now assuming she is your girlfriend Wink , did she make/draw that picture in your signature?
Subsonic Sound
I'm impressed you remembered, honestly!

Yes, she did draw that.

Frankly, they probably were joking around, it just hit a sour note for me because of the whole long distance thing, and that it was impossible for me to prove it. When I say this picture was bait, I didn't mean in any malicious way. I just wanted to be able to produce pictures of us together if anyone doubted it. Smile
I believed you, but now that you have went to visit her and her family do you have a picture of you together?

Or a picture of her entire family with you?

I am impressed with the drawing and i think she does a good job. Very Happy
yes she is beautiful. How did you two get together?
hey, nice picture, she's a very beautiful girl.. =)

I hope you two the best in your relationship =)
She's a pretty girl.
Is that a...pikachu...on her head? Shocked

Hmm, don't worry about the distance thing.
Unless of course you never see her.
I find it a bit tough when you can't be w/ the 1 you love.
Turns ppl emo and whatnot.
And we definitely don't need more of those running around.

I glanced over that other thread.
I remember reading that awhile back.
raver wrote:
First off, dfon't be racists, she is not black, she's african-american.. haven't you learned anything watching south park? Very Happy

That kinda made me laugh, at his/her expense.
He should take a tip from Maddox.
I prefer to say black.
Unless of course she isn't...
Maybe you should clarify before someone takes offense? Mad

As long as you're happy, that's always what I considered most important in a relationship.
Good luck to you both, maybe get her in on FriHost?
We could always use another quality member.
Subsonic Sound
She is black. She refers to herself as black, so I refer to her as black. And all is good.

And it's not Pikachu - it's a DiGi Charat hat. Pujiko, I think.

And for those that wanted, here's a rather cool pic of both of us. Smile

Subsonic Sound wrote:
How lucky am I?

Twenty months now, and she the most caring, sweet person you could ever hope to meet.

It's a long distance relationship, unfortunately, but going very strongly. I'm actually considering emigrating...

shes hot
nice pictures. You didn't answer how you two got together, how did you find eachother. I'm really curious
Subsonic Sound
We actually met on a forum, one based around roleplaying. We had characters in the same roleplay for quite some time, and ended up talking on messengers and such... that led to Skype - effectively phone calls, but free - and that led to webcams...

It unfolded quite slowly at first, but strong. Having that much seperation so early ensures that the attraction isn't purely physical. There's no way either of us would have kept this up just for sex, as it's been immensely hard work. But for love... Smile
that is nice, I guess it must have been damn exciting to meet each other in real life for the first time
I really liked your black and white photos.
The two of you really really look really nice as a couple.

Here's wishing you a long, healthy relationship *2 thumbs up*
Captain Fertile
Its always great to see a couple so happy just to be together.

Enjoy it, its one of the best feelings in the world.

Wishing you both all the luck and happiness in the world.
Shes soooo hot!! Id hit it! No seriously though your lucky.
Ya the black and white pictures are really nice and it looks good.

You two look good together in Black and White photos. Very Happy
Luck man!!!

When will I get my girl : sigh :

Anyways, you guys look awsome together and hope you ppl stay this way forever.

Best Of Luck guys!!!

P.S.: There is something abt black & white photograps, everything looks so much better, maybe bcos its more simpler and makes you see what you are supposed to not all other stuff in the background.
True that. Black and White pictures are very classy. They always look nice.
Very much adorable and yes, I should say you are very lucky... yes you are lucky because you loved her and she too loves you. Distant relationship can be painful at times. Not a bad idea to emigrate to her home country. Why not her emigrate to your home country rather than you moving to hers?
Subsonic Sound
Good question - but ultimately it's a lot more convenient this way. It'll be expensive, hard going and a hell of a culture shock, but at the end of the day I finish University this year, and she has two more years to go.

I'm free to move out there, if I want to, but she can't move out here yet, without abandoning her education.
you are handsome and your girl is sweet,the most important thing is that you are so close in the follow pictures.
long distance relationship??? WOW Shocked
Best wishes 4 ur gf.
Subsonic Sound

She came round here to visit, this summer. The weather was awful, but we had fun, and there were some snatches of sunshine. This is us up hiking in the Lake District, looking down over Windemere.
How cute... you look like you've got her in a strangle-hold :P

But honestly, I'm glad it's still working out for both of you! Good for you! Very Happy
tidruG wrote:
How cute... you look like you've got her in a strangle-hold Razz

Ya I hope she is breathing Very Happy

Nice picture even if it is cloudy, at least you don't have the sun in your face.
Nice. Is that your hometown? Since you said she came to visit you, are you guys in a long distant relationship? Must be tough if it is.

this is my girly and a boat Laughing
Best wishes for your everlasting relationship.May god bless both of you.
The photos with both of you together are nice. Smile
Good Job.. Goodluck with your relationship and I hope the best for you two..
Yea, Seriously, She looks very good,
Good luck to u and ur GirlFrnd..


man that your girlfriend is not my style. I think you head to the other girls: D
She looks nice.
Very nice couple. Good luck for both of you.
pretty Smile
First I want to say You are lucky because you have a cool Girlfriend i am also looking about one year but i have no any girlfreind:(
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