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Classical... anyone?

Anyone like it? If so, who's your favourite composer and why? Favourite period? Favourite piece? Of course, this isn't necessarily restricted to the classical era within 'classical' music. Gah, you get the gist of it, yes?

For me, my favourite composer is Debussy because he was one of the first to experiment with less conventional harmonies and it certainly. He managed to convey so much emotion *weep* within the music, particularly his tone poems (e.g. prelude to the afternoon of a fawn and La Mer). I also really enjoy J.S. Bach because he managed to find the perfect ratio between intelligence and maths in music and emotion in music. He has probably made the most intelligent music there is, particularly in some of his fugues (namely those in his Musical Offering to King Frederick).
I'm afraid you won't find very many classical fans here, as I've seen so few threads about it.

For me, it is what I listen to first and most. I enjoy the biggest and loudest of classical music and that means the symphonies of Mahler, Bruckner, Tchaikowsky, and Shostakovich. I love the tone poems of Richard Strauss as well as the instrumental music of Wagner.

I also love chamber music (I am a violinist), especially the string quartets of Beethoven, Mozart, Dvorak, and Mendelssohn.

Opera is ok, but I don't get into it that much. More modern music, like Bartok, Stravinsky, and Britten is wonderful as well.
Well... i really like all the impressionist composers... Debussy, Ravel, Satie but i still think that J.S.Bach was one thousand years ahead of his time. His fugues are the perfect blend of Science and Art
The music of Stravinsky is so similar to Bach it's almost scary. The counterpoint and rhythms are both so beautifully mathmatical. If you want a mind blowing experience, listen to any Bach fugue and then listen to the Octet by Stravinsky. Very cool stuff.
I like classical music, only that I like all other genres too. When they are integrated with other genres, it becomes that much more intriging. You should listen to E.S. posthumus when you get the chance. Wink
Classical music is definitely a way to clear your mind and remove all the crap that is going on in your life. all types of music included, I like many different types of music, but for some reason classical can clear my mind better from the intrusives stuff that goes on in my life.


I love a lot of classical music. I mainly prefer music from the baroque but music from the renaissance is also great. Of cause I also listen to music from the classic, romantic and modern classical music. However i find the more modern classical music very difficult to listen to - which is of cause because of the addition of atonality. I like some stravinsky and such, but i just can't enjoy listening to expressionistic classical music from artists as schönberg.

Classical is great. Not at all times, but when in the mood, it's better than anything else. Very relaxing.
I listen to it whenever I can, but I don't know anything about it or where to start.

I know who Beethoven, Bach, and Tchikavski are, but I don't know where to find any of their music. I don't know where to look for any other composers either.
Classical makes for some excellent studying music... anyone remember that study where they claim that Mozart or Bach makes you smarter or something?
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