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Anyone have frozen mice for sale?

... I pay about 60p a mouse at my local reptile shop for frozen mice but their stock has been running out and I have had to feed my snake fuzzies but feeding a few fuzzies is more expensive than the right size mouse.

I need a supplier which I can buy bulk that accepts paypal.

Can anyone help?
Well that's a new one on me!

Where did your first supplier get them from?

Anyway it's good to find another beer lover.

BTW your link didn't work! EDIT: Scratch that it does!
Yeah, I'd been searching for a long time for a supplier to buy in bulk for my snake but couldn't find one cheap enough... I have now and they take paypal so it's a good deal!!!

I thought I'd bang a post on here since there are so many animal lovers on this forum!!! You never know your luck until you try!

Can't fault a nice cold pint of lager in the summer months or a nice pint of ale in the winter... Sets you up for a good evening!
Captain Fertile
A reptile specific forum will help you better, some are run by companies who can sell you what you need or failing that they usually have a classified section to pick up wehat you need.

Chicks or fuzzy/baby rats - even chicken eggs- can also be fed to snakes in place of mice if the mice are running low (I am talking about feeding snakes here of course, you should check the suitabuility for the species you have).

If you can find a couple of online suppliers and buy from them then you should always have a back-up.
Thanks for the advice,however through tolling the world wide web (infact I limited it to the UK), I managed to find a supplier who averged (inc p&p) 46p a mouse that so;d in bulk of 50.

Very impressed and used paypal.

It was also ment to be a cost affective exercise but my snake has decided that a couple of the little beggers arn't enough!!
Maybe this is the acme of foolishness to recommend a reptile website to a reptile curator, but you may want to post the same question at I'm sure the thousands of reptile enthusiasts at their site can give you some suggestions as to where they purchase their rodentcicles.
I've not been to this site so thankyou very much I will take a look. It's not stupid to suggest that to me. I wouldn't have posted the question otherwise.

All advise is good advise so thankyou very much.
O_O this is one of the strangest topic titles i've ever seen.
i thought you were going to say that you collect frozen mice or something XD
Captain Fertile
Becky wrote:
O_O this is one of the strangest topic titles i've ever seen.
i thought you were going to say that you collect frozen mice or something XD

LOL - if I hadn't kept snakes myself in the past I would have probably thought along those lines.

I am sure people who collect frozen mice are too busy drinking embalming fluid to post on forums! Wink
... And I'm sure people who collect frozen mice live in the southern states of america in communities that their neighbours are related to them!!! Their only future is the electric chair because they have a vast collection of frozen humans who 'took the wrong turn'!!!!

It is a funny subject matter for those who don't keep snakes... Hell, Made you look!!!

I'm about to get a Checkered Gartersnake for my daughter and myself a Royal Python to compliment the Cornsnake my son has.

I'm glad I got back into keeping snakes, and they are easy to look after once the initial ground setting up has been done! Laughing
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