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"terrorist" my thoughts

I have done alot of thinking about this subject. Since the acts commited on 9-11-01 and most recent the london railway bombings.

If you think about it what is the one thing lacking in that region? well the answer is simple "Air Time" I have seen one station and one alone report issues in the middle east. Al ja- whatever, well as you see with all the wacko's in the USA they all want TV time. There 15 minutes of fame if u will.
Well with terrorists they need the media to report on all there acts so they can use it as a selling point when trying to convince people sons and daughters to strap a bomb to there body and blow themselfs up. I mean what good would it do to drive a car into a building or plane for that matter if the media didnt report it 24/7 over and over and over.

Its simple the US military does the smae thing in high schools around the country. Self promoting propaganda.

In military they call it patroitism in terrorist they call it jihad. What ever you call it it would not run wild like a virus if it wasnt for the media. Now dont get me wrong I like to stay informed just like the next guy, But do we really need every channel saying the same thing over and over and over until the next "big story" comes out.

I feel if the news agencies thoughout the world could come to terms and not give the terrorist what they need "Air time" then the hype in the extremist community would start to die down. we would then have a better chance at catching the real madmen behind it. right now we are stuck chasing the millions of pee-ons becasue they cloak the real bad guys.

And another thing is we can't have the holy'r than tho attitude. When someone does get people to listen and believe there beliefs and it is something not generally accepted then they are called a cult or some other clever term to make you think they have nothing but evil intension. I'm not in anyway justifing terrorist im just saying I can see there point on why they hate USA and Western civilazation. If the Government comes into your home and talks your child into joining them to fight "evil" what makes them different from abdula going into someones home and talkin them into joining them to fight "evil". Only difference I see is who and what is precieved as evil.

But thoughout I see they use the media to get there point out. why else would ole osama bin laden send in tapes to again the ONLY Tv station in the reagion. well he does it to keep up moral within his troops.

Thats another thing that just blows me away. this guy is wanted by just about every governement in western world. US Britian and so on and we got thousands of troops on the ground there hell we could even find sadam in a freakin hole but yet we cant find him. He must have a pretty big enterage with him I mean theres a cammera guy someone to hold his AK-47 make-up and u know he has to have que cards. I mean come on we got satalites that can see a knat shit on a guy in Omaha Ne. but we can't find this wacko traveling with a TV crew in remote locations. hell I mean if he is really hiding this damn good he needs to put out a book to hell with the 10 minute videos. I know a few people who would love to know how to avoid arrest while being #1 most wanted in 90% of the world.

I think they let him run cause without the evil head of the snake how else could MR Bush talk you into joining the military. I know at least 3 people who have joined up just to go fight terrorism.

Well these are just my thoughts.

and I know some people will read this and say how dare he say all that.

I just tell it how I see it. I was raised to call a spade a spade. and if honesty hurts then maybe just maybe you might need to re-think your beliefs
The real victim in this situation is grammar. Ok ok seriously now, I respect that you've come to these conclusions on your own and delved into your brain to find something referred to as thought. I'm glad to see this because it doesn't happen much anymore. I don't exactly agree with most of your opinions and I'll tell you why. Most of the people that would do things like strap bombs to themselves and blow things up, would not be persuaded by a news report declaring that act inhumane. Radical Muslim TV spots may promote and request that people blow themselves up but I don't think anyone would be "recruited" to do those things by watching it on TV. I believe that the news hurts our military. The left-winged media puts a negative spin on the war in Iraq and shows a situation far worse than it actually is. Anyone with an internet connection can see all of CNN, CBS, and other news reports and can see/hear reports on our military actions. So let's see, any insurgent in Iraq can see where their enemy is and act accordingly. People then defend the news stations saying the people have a right to know. Well that's only somewhat true. The troops themselves know where they are going but are restricted in who they can tell. So the media goes and spreads it everywhere. To an extent the people should know, but only restricted information needs to be conveyed, no specifics. I think by our citizens being "informed" it leaks the information to our enemies and hurts the troops. Bin Laden isn't going around on a tour in Afghanistan, he has a small video camera with a microphone lodged somewhere in the mountains which are controlled by Warlords. We can't get permission to enter these mountains without starting another war, we can't get to him. Bin Laden doesn't send in tapes to keep his "troops'" morale high. First off, he has no troops, secondly, the tapes are directed at his opposition, sort of a cheap offense.
You dare call any of this a propaganda plot, you wouldn't know what propaganda is if it smacked you in the mouth. May I ask another question of you, who has this "holier than thou" attitude? I haven't heard the word "cult" used for the longest time with the exception of a genre of motion pictures. The US doesn't promote free thought I agree, but is that the fault of our government? No, it is our own fault, the limitation of free thought is the fault of today's society. MTV and like channels of "entertainment" discourage free thought under the banner of supporting it. They push what they want you to like, nearly force you to buy it, then they say that you made the choice on your own. It's bullshit, that's the only kind of propaganda I'm witnessing. You may call a spade a spade, but that means nothing when you think a spade is red and has four corners.
strap bombs to themselves and blow things up, would not be persuaded by a news report declaring that act inhumane

That is correct its not news that makes them do it they may see the news and get angry about things but who doesn't sometimes.

Usually its young muslims who get preached to by radical leaders, it takes more then news for someone to do that.
Some arab
That is true but remember these radicals will never be real muslims and will rot in hell for what they are doing and i ure everyone to know that because it is very important to know the real difference between a Muslim and one who claims he is one. Those that send others to blow themselves up in the name of god is bullshit. Those people are not real Muslims.
some arab, i could not agree with you more. frankly it doesnt matter to me if theyre a real muslim or not. they can be real muslims and ill still be able to distinguish a violent radical muslim and one who is in it for the spirituality of that religion. i do believe that if anyone kills oneself or another over religion its bullshit. yeah lets die and kill others about some stories in an antique book that no one has proven true. faith is one thing, but faith to the point of murder and suicide is insanity and needs to be cut off at the neck.
Radicalism and Terrorism is the only way they have to "fight" for their people, they don't think that the ocidentals are saviors of their poor people, not only the radicalists.
Sheer discrediting fof the post and other insults are really quite not needed Shr3d. In fact i thatink maza design is much more accurate than your view of a terrorism without a cause.

Do realize much of terrorism spawns today because of outcome of situations in Israel where ,if you might think it's argueable, the casulaty and death toll in one side is of a double digit multiple of the other. The net loss is of a bigger difference than that. Debate as you will but those figure tells a story of the suggested "attack-and-retaliation" argument. And remember within this argument.. one end is organized while the other individual groups (may you label it as resistance or at the other end "terrorist"). and remember the israleli arpatheid and the terroritory is well within the green line agreed on which is worsened witht the promise of GW Bush that "giving everything back is impossible".

The unilateral war on Iraq that caused ten of thousands of IRaqi who are simply fighting an invasion to die and others prisoned. Are they criminals or deserve to die. THey are in resistance of an officially unjustified invasion. No matter what group that they aligned themselves with (mostly due to the equipment that they may get when they join these groups), they only resist the invasion. THey do not participate in any other activities that may otherwise be called illegal.

If you were to reply to this argument in your right wing views (or left wing for that matter), your argument is well heard of and underlined. But my arguments that is a challenge to your points is unheard of. This is due to the gap in media power between the US and the middle eastern countries involved.

I'm not suggesting terrorism is spawned from purely promotional reasons. Resentments that would already have risen from the above events is multiplied inthe event that only the American defence propaganda to the issues resonates around the world.

Even their most obvious realities is unheard to the average man. Resenments at such large scales will occur in these cicumstances. This will cause actions some of which physical to occur. They may not be right but they are .. the way i would put it.. "logically understandable". THey will occur.

If i were to put a jewish man and a neo nazi in the same room. Will there be a good chance of the man being injured? IS the neo nazi wrong? yes. Am i greatly responsible for creating the situation (putting them in the room) and thus the event?

Do realise Fox News and Republican propganda is synonymous.
its not that they say it is good or bad.. but the fact that it is said. get what I mean. i dont think they could care one way or the other if CNN was to declare it a whatever.. I think the simple fact that CNN is talking about it is the selling point.

to some kid (and I say kid cause most targets are under 25) who dont know better or is impressionable just having them know that there terror (JIHAD) act will make CNN is enough of a selling point.

i'm sur ethe 72 virgins is a huge selling point to but you get what I mean..

and yes I know my grammer aint the best but thats cause I type slower than my mind thinks. Wink
MazzaDesign, I completely agree. People need to be informed, but the media are only making it worse. Especially the video tapes from kidnapped journalists/civilians in Iraq, who will only be freed in exchange for retreating the troops or a lot of money. Without the big media attention for those disgusting videos, (especially the ones where they kill them) they wouldn't even be kidnapped. Such a things should never be showed in prime time on television!
If you look at the organisational structure of the terrorists, they have splinter cells all over the world. i think the media is a way for them to give a signal to other cells to do something. if you look at the occurences of incidents such as the London bombings, etc, there's always an al-Qaeda tape found a few months before.

Even if Osama's captured I doubt the terrorist activities will stop. If you're in UK you'll hear that some mosques actually show videos of American/British soldiers killing women & children which incites hatred within these young Muslims.

I've also watched this documentary where the terrorist believed that if they do a certain ritual, they'll be considered 'dead' so their suicide bombing is technically not a suicide b'cos they are already 'dead'. It's kinda like finding loopholes within laws.

Anyway, i think invading Afghanistan and Iraq's definitely wrong. This not only made the war worse but made more ppl hate the Americans/Brits/NATO.
boringest wrote:
Anyway, i think invading Afghanistan and Iraq's definitely wrong. This not only made the war worse but made more ppl hate the Americans/Brits/NATO.

Exactly, you don't stop terrorism by invading a country, most of the time you make it much worse, certainly in the case of Iraq.

However, those countries needed to be liberated. In Afghanistan, the people, especially the women, were suffering from the taliban. Just a little detail: without money, training and weapons from the USA, the taliban would never have conquered Afghanistan in the first place. Wink
people need to think that realize that blindly following dogma is what causes terrorism. people have to respect each others beliefs and at the same time realize that beliefs that are inclusive tend to cause much of the strife we have in the world
Certain group of people who actually own the world decide what we should be concerned of. A bunch of guys decide why and where's the war, they send you to fight for them( i don't include myself because i'm not 'american') and what we see on TV is what they want us to see,of course that when we are attacked by the bombs guys the media has no choice and it has to transmit this facts .
I don't accept that a bomb is the solution and i don't aprove this kind of attacks to the regular people. I also think this is in both sides, and this is always about 'power'. They don't care about our safety, they care that nobody comes and affect their power(I don't give a f* if you mess with my country, just don't mess with me).
Some arab wrote:
That is true but remember these radicals will never be real muslims and will rot in hell for what they are doing and i ure everyone to know that because it is very important to know the real difference between a Muslim and one who claims he is one. Those that send others to blow themselves up in the name of god is bullshit. Those people are not real Muslims.

The terrorist kill people in name of Alα and the Yanks kill people in name of democracy and freedom. There isn't a big difference, it's all about genocide.
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