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Anyone here OBSSESSED with mystical animals?

what mystical animal do you think is the best?
 20%  [ 2 ]
 70%  [ 7 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
wyvern-serpent with hawk wings
 0%  [ 0 ]
loch ness type monsters
 0%  [ 0 ]
 10%  [ 1 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 10

does anyone here like mystic animals like unicorns, dragons,wyverns,merhorses, sea monsters, etc?

whats your opinion on the possible existence of them?

Rhetoric question but you may answer it if you desperately need to:
Why have we not found any remains of dragons when nearly every culture on the face of the Earth has something similar to it when they never met? EXAMPLE: Aztecs have dragons like creature sculptures along ancient temples. Ancient Asian Paintings depict serpent-like dragons with vicious claws..............HMMMMMMMMMMMm...........have they ever met? I highly doubt it...........

just a thought.........
I have the same obsession too. Not such a fan of beauties like unicorns though, I prefer large and predatory ones. Dragons are among my favourites, no matter western or oriental. But my special love goes to canine-like monsters, hence my dog love. xD I collect all the mythology concerning these. I'm also looking for any images of Orph, a greek monster dog, brother of Cerberus. For some reason he's way less "promoted" and I haven't seen much info on him.
I once read an article in a Readers Digest about a western guy that saw a physical manifestation of the Hindu god Ganesa. But I strongly doubt that a unicorn ever existed. In any case, there would have been some fossil record.
I would say you don't find any records of dragons or whatnot because they were mythical, just as your topic suggests. The reason they show up in so many cultures is because they were passed along with the stories that traveled about.
Science was not so advanced, and people knew next to nothing of the world, so when something couldn't be explained, what sounded better? "We don't know what happens when you sail over the ocean..." or... "Dragons eat you!"
Lord Klorel
I also have the feeling that mystical animals will excist. When i heard in the news that the some japnese fishers i have caught a giant octopus baby, then i thought the Kraken could excist.
Even other beings can excist, but there are no records that could indicate this.

So i have to believe in one mystical beast then it is the Kraken.
Some time ago the BBC did a documentary on the possible existance of was hogwash...but interesting hogwash Smile

The theory goes like this. If dragons did exist they would have needed a way of seperating off several volatile chemicals into different chemical 'bladders' This is feasable because cows have several stomachs, fish have swim bladders....the natural world finds solutions. But the theory goes that in the event that a dragon died, the flesh would decay and the chemicals would mix in their raw state...this should in theory be enough to 'melt' the bones to nothing.

Personally I think that it was born out of a mix of seeing creatures like elephants and whales with no real explanation of their purpose. The natural world frightened people in medieval periods around the world. The discovery of dinosaur fossils would have really thrown a spanner in the works. Most mythical beasts were created by cultures to explain away things and events they didn't understand.

I'd love to see a dragon though Razz
Bejeweledhorses wrote:

Rhetoric question but you may answer it if you desperately need to:
Why have we not found any remains of dragons when nearly every culture on the face of the Earth has something similar to it when they never met?

The reason for this is because we have found remains of dragons.

When somebody in one of those ancient cultures by accident dug up dinosaur bones, what would they assume they found? They'd tell their whole village that they had found the skeleton of a dragon, and word would spread, and eventually people in some places would be boasting that they had seen live ones.
A bit of circumstantial evidence for that: the Chinese have various medicines made from 'dragon bones', but never anything made from other parts of dragons. Why?

As an answer to the poll,
Since I'm a horse fanatic, the choice is obvious.
I'm obsessed by Dragon because it's the King of reptiles, I've a tatoo of one on my arm Twisted Evil
Dragon sleeping in my mind, I will succeed one day to awake it with a sorcerer ritual Laughing
King Dragon, save my soul!PLease
Captain Fertile
I voted for Dragon because I think they are cool, even the word Dragon sound good.

The association between eastern culture and the dragon is fascinating too.

Never heard of a Merhorse though.
Never heard of Merhorse eh?...well here's a few more wonderful critters...

Cocatrice, Will 'O' the whisp, Gargoyle, Hippogriff, Griffon, Manticore, Wyvern, Hydra.

History is filled with them, some of them born from tales to scare, others from plain misunderstanding.
Yes, I also vote for dragon
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