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WWE Wrestler HHH Injury Not A StoryLine

Triple H tears quadriceps tendon
Written: January 8, 2007Following an MRI with Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala., Monday, Triple H was diagnosed with a ruptured quadriceps tendon.

Officially, The Game suffered a tear of one of the four tendons in his right quadriceps. The injury occurred during DX's match with Rated-RKO at New Year's Revolution. Surgery will be performed today in Alabama, and WWE doctor Ferdinand Rios estimates the Game will need four to six months to rehabilitate the injury.

While he was in a tremendous amount of pain prior to the MRI, Triple H was said to be in great spirits.

Stay tuned to for further updates.

It's not often that a wrestler gets injured but when they do it is usaualt a seriouse one. Many people think that wrestling is "fake" or that they know how to fall. Sure yes it is sports entertainment but they do risk their lives when they are out there.

I saw the way that he landed on his knee and it wasn't a pretty sight. The knee twisted and that is when the quadriceps tendon was torn. To me it is a sin that this happened since now WWE has to come up with a whole new story line heading into this years Wrestlemania. It was lead to believe that HHH was to take on current WWE champ John Cena, However only time will tell what they have plannd for the next few months.
i think the best thing for wwe to do after this incident is for next week, since there is a handicap match planned for HBK vs Rated RKO they should have a surprise person come in to DX while HHH is out. i don't know who exactly would best suit the job. maybe cena....especially due to his recent past with edge. and then when HHH comes back then they can go back to the supposed HHH vs Cena line. im just hoping that DX doesn't die.
now I Don't usualy do this but I agree with you 100%. It would make great story line leading into another cena vs hhh match. Also from what I have heard it is going to be cena vs umaga at the royal rumble, further more, at mania 23 hogan vs kahali and also vince vs trump. these stories will develope as time comes.
now are we talking the real trump. or that fake trump that faced "rosie" on raw? i really think that there needs to be some kind of "replacement" for the time being for dx. now with what you just mentioned about hogan vs khali, hogan would also be a good person to have as he has close ties with flair like hhh and hbk. we shall soon see.
Well.. I think it will be hurt the WWE, because for now HHH and Shawn Michaels are the most popular team at the WWE right now.

So It will be interesting what the WWE will do now.
the trump vs rosie skit did indeed use actors however there are future plans for trump to appear on Raw "the real trump". Also this may lead to the story line of Trump vs McMahon for the battle of the billionaires for Mania 23. If this infact does happen I think it will boost ratings through the roof.
i bet its really part of the storyline. they do things like this alot
anxiety1 wrote:
i bet its really part of the storyline. they do things like this alot

It's not part of the storyline. The same thing happened to his other quad a long time ago.
This indeed is not a part of a storyline. WWE had many plans to use DX and continue a feud with Rated-RKO. Anyone who THINKS that this is a stoyline, want to think of any reason why WWE would choose to screw up their own plans? Just like Kelcey explained, the exact same thing happened to his Quad on the opposite leg years ago. It's tough luck that the same thing had to happen to this leg Sad I watched New Years Resolution, and you know how when he does the spine buster, he jumps right back to his feet and goes nuts raising his arms....when I seen that he did the spinebuster and he collapsed on Orton, without jumping back on his feet, I felt something was wrong. When I seen him fall and hold his knee I was like omg......his quad again?????? So that turned out to be the case sadly enough.
yeah. this week should be extremely interesting seeing as HBK totally messed Rated RKO up. i wouldnt be surprised to see HBK vs Edge (with Randy Orton "not there" from injuries) but then have him interfere then a giant fight would occur with hacksaw and flair coming out.
Yeah, the show pretty much came out of no where as a Royal Rumble build up show. I completely forgot about the RR.
Just a quik thought here how about GOLDBERG???? Now theres a nasty face.
hahahahahahh dam nhe's not retired yet? he should damn i dont watcfh anymore, too funny. Rolling Eyes
Speaking of injuries, did anyone see what happened to John Cena last week?
Some of the injuries are not fakes at all. Some are very very real. While it is an entertainment sports, accidents can happen in the WWE.
Afaceinthematrix wrote:
Speaking of injuries, did anyone see what happened to John Cena last week?

aparently cena "ruptured" his spleen after Umaga splashed him through a table from the top rope. Now just recently rupturing mine this past summer. I know as a fact that Cena would not be wrestling a week later let alone be able to walk/breath on his own. I was hospitalized for 3 weeks. So that injury is fake
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