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The greatest cats in the world. My cats!


Look in his eyes... Isn't he beautiful?

So nice Smile

I have four cats, but don't have photo of the fourth. Really, these are beautiful photos Smile Don't you think so?

Now, they are "eating" my christmas tree. Maybye it's delicious, but I don't think so Smile Haven't you tried? Very Happy
The top one looks like a real little character (not that they aren’t all little characters [I mean the entire feline species {even leopards and tigers}]). I must say that your cats look very happy. Like mine. A friend told me once that if there was a thing like re-incarnation and he gotta come back, he wants to come back as a cat in my house. Looks like being a cat in your house has similar benefits. I’d like to see some more shots of cat#1, he/she looks like a thinner version of a feral cat named ching-ching that likes to draw blood from my extremities on a daily basis.

What do you think the first one is thinking. I think he’s thinking “If you were a lot smaller, I wouldn’t even dream of eating you. Purr!”
Aww...they're all so darling. Smile Cute pics! Makes me miss my kitties...
nice cats Very Happy
i hope i can have cats someday in my own house.
good luck with the cats Very Happy
Beautiful pictures. Your cats are adorable ^-^

The first sorta reminds me of my cat Twitch. Except he's fat. And kinda glares instead of looking so.. dreamy.
Here's more photos of Cat#1 Very Happy he's name is Elmo now.

And another one:

So now I have 4 cats.I Hope, there will be no more Smile. four is just fine. I think they are happy and I'am happy with them too Smile
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