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Domain Controller issues

Hi all

Hoping that you all could give me a bit of insight or show me what I am missing here.

I have recently upgraded 2 servers (W2k) to domain controllers to replace the 2 old DCs in my network. Upgrades went fine and I have transferred all roles to the new PDC. At this stage there are now 4 DCs in the network.
a)Does anyone know any issues with having 4 w2k DCs in a single network?
b)My domain policy is still applied from the old DC. How can I get it to be applied from the new DC and what will happen if I remove the old DC while the Group policy is still linked to it.

Please throw any ideas back concerning these issues or even if there are other things to be checked.

a) There are no issues with running 4 domain controllers, per se. There are, however, some things that you should be mindful of such as replication, operation master roles, and time synchronization. The great news is that Server handles most of these issues for you. Just remember a few things:

  • A domain at the Native functional level (or higher) will perform multi-master replication so changes to Active Directory can be made from any DC within the domain.
  • Local replication occurs every 5 minutes.
  • The time on each DC must be within 5 minutes of every other DC in order for replication to work correctly.

Ultimately, you should not encounter any problems in using 4 DCs, assuming DNS and other services are properly configured.

b) Group Policy is replicated across domain controllers through AD and FRS (replicates Group Policy data located in Sysvol). So you should be able to remove the old DC without experiencing any problems.
Hi Root

Thanks for the info.
My main reason for asking is that since the upgrade to DC both new DCs are experiencing unexpected shutdowns.
There is no pattern to this that I have found and no dumps are created. The event logs are also clean before each reboot. I have checked the usual system resources and can find no indication of any memory leaks, etc.

Guess I will keep checking Confused
That most certainly sounds like a hardware problem rather than a software problem. I'm guessing it's a problem with the power.
Hi Root

In normal cases I would agree but seeing as this issue has only started since the upgrade to a Domain Controller and has occurred on more than one of my new DCs I don't think that it is a HW problem.
What if the new DCs booted up to DC restore mode ?
When I said "power" I was referring to the external power service as opposed to the power supply hardware inside the domain controller itself.

When searching the event logs you should be searching for event ID 1076 or possibly 1074. In order for these events to be written to the logs the Shutdown Event Tracker must be enabled. You should also make sure that the System State Data feature is enabled as well.

For more information on enabling those services I'd recommend taking a look at Microsoft's knowledge base.

Let us know if and when you find a solution.
Hi Root

Many thanks for all your ideas. I have also been considering the possibility of someone accidentally switching it off. I have now enabled shutdown event tracker and we will see if this helps.

Well finally this is resolved!

Found out that another admin in another department has been applying patches to these 2 servers and rebooting at will.
Needless to say there was no notification or change process followed. I have now removed his admin rights to these servers, so that should be the end of this issue.

Thanks for all you ideas.

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