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Upgrading from P4 with HT to Pentium D or Core 2 duo

I have a Gigabyte GA-8I915PL-G Sockett 775 motherboard. Gigabytes site says that the E6400 and other E6xxx processors (i.e. Core 2 Duo), can be used on my board. But Intel's site doesn't have similar info; my board isn't listed. So who is right? Is anyone familiar with this board and whether I can slap a Core 2 Duo on my board? Can I slap on a Pentium D? How much difference will I see between all three?

Also, My motherboard tuner program, EasyTune, lists my front side bus speed as 200MHZ, but Intel lists the FSB for my chip at 533MHZ. Is it safe for me to raise it to that speed, or should I leave it. Currently my CPU temp is about 40 degrees Celscius (104 F).
I also have a Gigabyte 775 socket motherboard but a different model. I originally started with a Pentium 4 Celeron D 2.66ghz processor. I recently upgraded to Pentium D with 4MB cache. Most of the newest 775 motherboards they made support from celeron d, HT and dual core. Just make sure to update your bios to what ever version is listed on the gigabyte processor support page for your motherboard. Also, if you get a fast processor, toss that standard stock fan and get a real cpu cooler. Smile Good luck.
What is considered a real cpu cooler? right now i am using the fan that came with cpu, and a case fan directly in line with it. They do a good job of keeping things cool. I plan to add another case fan or two.

How much difference is there between a P4 and a Pentium D? Worth the $120 or so it would cost me to change? What about between a Pentium D and a Core 2 Duo?


I just checked Gigabyte's site, and my version of the GA-8I915PL-G, which is Rev 2.x, Does not support Core 2 Duo, and doesn't even have the Pentium D listed, unless they listed it as a P4.

Maybe someone could help me out Smile
I'm not sure about. But i heard that the lower performance Core 2 Duo E4300 and E4400 will be out soon and according from some article that i read, they are stated to be compatible with older 775 motherboards. Not sure whether the information is true. But the soon-to-release E4XXX series of Core 2 Duo processors are different with the current E6XXX in terms of Virtualisation Technology and the FSB speed. The former doesn't have Virtualisation Technology where as the latter has it. In other aspects, the E4XXX only has a front side bus speed of 800mhz as compared to the E6XXX's 1066mhz bus speed. Despite all that, you might want to consider E4XXX when it is release as it is cheaper than the current E6XXX series.
The Gigabyte GA-8I915PL-G does not support the Pentium D nor the core 2 duo will not boot at present time. Gigabyte says they are working on a bios update which should be out in a few "months"....I'd suggest you wait, or buy another gigabu-yte board that does support the core2 due (I do not recommend the pentium D, as it is consuming more energy, is not as good in multitasking & video and is spreading much more heat - which in turn makes the system less stable unless you invest in a great copper cooler). The core 2 duo's perform great with stock cooling.
A good basic MB for the core2duo from Gigabyte = Gigabyte 8I945GZME-RH (conroe) at approx. 70 euros...


The Gigabyte 8I945GZME-RH motherboard is $260 in Canada, so that is not an option. I am looking for a fairly cheap way to get a better CPU. I am waiting on Gigabyte giving me an offical answer since I contacted them, but I will wait and see what happens in a few months. Perhaps Gigabyte will have a BIOS update or those E4xxx Core 2 Duo's might be affordable. Until then, I will concentrate on a new Power Supply and a new SATA hard drive.
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