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Serving Windows clients with Debian...

Hello Everyone...

Recently I've been experimenting with an installation of Debian. Having always worked on a Windows platform, I thought it would be interesting to change things up a bit. Anyway, I've just begun wondering how I would go about using this box as a server for Windows clients. I know it's possible to do file shares and everything via samba, but is it possible to get them to actually login to this box at the login screen?

I've done some poking around in the Debian stuff online, and it looks like I may have to wait for samba 4; can anyone confirm this?

I know this is a bit broad in some respects, but as I say, I'm just experimenting with the operating system. Consequently, I'm interested in any suggestions or other discussion on this matter.

Thanks a million!

what do you want the window clients to use the Debian/Linux server for i.e. file server, mail server, proxy server, firewall etc?

A windows client cant be used (open to be corrected on this!) to login to the linux server from the login screen. You'd have to use some sort of x-windows or set the client box up as a linux client.

What you could have is that your files are mounted from the linux server or your mail is sent through a mail server on the linux box.
I'd just like to use it as a file server for fun. I didn't think that the login thing was possible now, but I was reading something about Samba 4. Will this next version of Samba allow logins from the Windows login screen? Thanks!

You mean to set it up as domain controller?
rainmaker wrote:
I'd just like to use it as a file server for fun. I didn't think that the login thing was possible now, but I was reading something about Samba 4. Will this next version of Samba allow logins from the Windows login screen? Thanks!


That's it Samba

I used to use that on my old Redhat 7.3 server YEARS ago

You can set the file server to act in multiple ways! like totally open folders that can change content!
You can have public access but can't change files
You can set it up multiple usernames and passwords for same or different folders with different access powers!

Samba is really powerful but i had to set it up text mode style on ver2 especially my server was old and couldn't support GUI but nowadays it's way easier to setup through GUI!


The last I heard, there was a soon-to-be-released version of Samba that would allow for almost total integration with Windows NT-based domains. Has this version been released yet? I'm curious to know, because I currently have a native Windows 2000 domain, but would like to experiment with throwing a UNIX file server into the mix--just for giggles.

If you want to login to the Debian box from the windows one, do some research on ssh clients (putty, for example).
Or if it's just an internal LAN you can simply telnet. Windows has an integrated client for that.

Use aptitude to install the telnet server and you're done. Samba, by the way, can be easily configured even in text mode. There are great manuals on the Net.
I was actually hoping that the linux box could just be joined as a member server in my Windows 2000 domain. That would be cool. As for telnet and all that jazz, I suppose it's worth giving it a try. I mainly stick to the Windows route, though. Thanks for the suggestions, I will certainly consider giving them a try!

What you want to do is set the box as a domain controller. I didn't try this but I know it's possible to run a Samba server as a domain controller (in case you are wondering: Only Win2k Server PRO, Win NT server & Server Family ans Win2003 server can do this). Yes, making computers with XP act as clients and make them a member of the domain can allow users to log in with usernames and password stored on the Nix box...
here are a few links that should help you out:
Also, you can find comprehensive documentation on the net if you search it up.
There are many ways to integrate Windows clients into a LAN managed by a linux server (file, email, dns, nat, ldap, etc.)

There is samba as several people have mentioned for both file sharing and domain controlling, but the key (IIRC) to make this work well is to use LDAP so that you can actually manage the users, otherwise you have to use smbpasswd which is very manual and labor intensive.

Other than that, you can also use sftpdrive (costs about $30 per client) which lets you mount sftp folders as drives in windows.

Then there is WebDAV, which has the bonus of ssl support out of the box, but is very limited when it comes to file ownership.

Along those lines, I am still really interested in the php dav server which could potentially build virtual file systems via php and databases. Nice.

Anything sound good to you all? Very Happy
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