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Free Ipods - Scam or Genuine

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Ok guys i know you're going to think . WHAT THE HELL YOU LIE! but really i dont , ok you may've heard of these websites claiming to give free ipods ? well economically speaking they do it. Ok so heres thier deal , you have to sign up to an 'activity' basically a free trial for something . This is where i get stuck , you need to give a credit card ( i'm 14 ) so they do this on 2 hopes , you forgot to cancel after the trial therefore paying OR you like it so much you continue. - yeh what ever =\ . anywho this activity you've taken part in well the website which gives the ipods or what ever gift are given $80 approx for you trying them out , in order to get the gift you haveto get X number of people to try the trial through using your link . so the website if they haveto give the ipod get in total 6 people taking part which is $480 so i if you do get 5 friends kind enough to do it the website gets a very healthy sum of money and you get a sparkling new ipod =D
Have you considered that they can just take your Credit Card details and pay thyemselves $100,000 with it? Legally they can, you just signed them a blank check.

And you didn't word your question very well
Evil or Very Mad nope ! heres a youtube video of how these scemes work newsnight did something on it! - SHAPOW! =] and meh to the poll it was just something extra =]
Basically, they're the computer equalivant to the Publisher's Clearing House. It *may* be possible to get the prize without an insane amount of buying and getting others to do something similar but it's a statistical anamoly. Don't hold your breathe! The youtube video above is a good resource.
thanks for the back-up =] so yeh some of the sites my be just wanting emails but is verified by the bbc =] - see the youtube video
That sounds like a scam to me. Have you done this yet? Did you get an Ipod?
.. Shocked watch the youtube vid and no i cant because i dont have a CC and my friends wont either
Some of those websites may be scams. I believe that most are legitimate, however they take time. You have to sign up for credit cards, CD or DVD clubs, coffee delivery, etc., then wait a few months before you satisfy the requirements. You will eventually get the iPod, laptop or other "prize." You have to keep track of all the things for which you registered so that you can cancel, otherwise you may have membership fees to pay or merchandise showing up at your door.
I should have added that if you are 14, you are a minor and do not have the legal capacity to contract. Many of these offers may not be available to you until you turn 18. A minor can cancel contracts made while a minor, so businesses do not want to risk losing in such cases. You need to research the law in your jurisdiction.
Selling your e-mail address/physical address/phone number/soul to an ad company isn't worth an ipod, IMO.
RubySlasher wrote:
Selling your e-mail address/physical address/phone number/soul to an ad company isn't worth an ipod, IMO.

HAHA soul, lol its true your soul aint worth an ipod.

I beleive they work, they get paid based on the offers you complete, then they buy you an ipod.

On the other hand you could just get a job and save for an ipod.
What's your point?
this type of fraud just don't available in my country Germany as they usually attack the people in America and I don't know why..haah
666^.^666 said:

Evil or Very Mad nope ! heres a youtube video of how these scemes work newsnight did something on it! - SHAPOW! =] and meh to the poll it was just something extra =]

The youtube link doesn't work! Send us another vid please!
It's a damn scam. Wink Folks, don't fall for it.
There's actually legit ones out there. My friend thought he was getting scammed, but every site he "applied" for was Verisigned and completely legit. So he had to sign up for AOL for a month and cancel his trial. It's a bit of work to make sure you don't get charged past the trial dates, but 2 months later he was rockin out on a new Nano.
The advertising companies count on a person to be "lazy" and forget about what they sign up for. Usually people will sign up for many offers and either not do exactly the correct thing or forget to cancel the automatically renewing subscriptions.

It must work or we would not keep getting them. I think many are not illegal but just advertising that count on the public's short memory.
its a simple fact that you earn more money faster working, then on these possible scams. so just dont bother
Even if you do get the ipod. You probably spend more than $100 worth of your time to get it. Unless you think your time is not worth anything...

If that is the case, you need to re-evaluate your worth.

If you do it for the "fun" of it. Then it is OK but you never get anything for nothing. Even the "free" web space @ frihost costs time. In this case it is worth it, for me, at least. Smile
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