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Customizing eBay ads to look like Adsense...

Is there interest out there in purchasing a script that I am writing for my site - that is a replacement for the eBay Editor Toolkit. There are many parameters that you can customize. My needs were to have complete control over the size and number of items that would be displayed. Also, making the ads blend in a little bit better was easy enough to add.

I don't have to go into the benefits of seamless advertisements or how many more clicks you may get. The script could easily be customized to inject keywords or search parameters that are relevant to a page (especially possible with PHP generated content from a database).

Now that I wrote most of the script, I have yet to complete the application for eBay developer certification - but that should be in the next week or less. It may take some time to get the new production keys for my script, but after that point - I can wrap up the PHP code and then allow others to use this great enhancement for eBay ads.

I am considering two services - one where you could purchase the script for a one-time fee, or a free service which would occasionally display an ad with my affiliate links, for example: 10:1 ratio would display your affiliate links 10 times and the next time it would use my affiliate link. Depending on how much bandwidth the script takes from my other server, I may or may not be able to continue that service at the 10:1 ratio.

If you are interested, PM me for more details - or a test-drive. I don't want to put my test url in a message - when I will delete the page when I am done testing.
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