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Pats vs. Chargers

What do you guys think? Are the Chargers going to be able to run all over the Pats? Or will the Chargers send Brady home packing?
yea, chargers man. all the way!!!!!!!! meriman is going to sack the shit out of brady....LT will run all over pats...
i can't stress enough how much the chargers need to take care of business. i don't care about brady's playoff resume. LT is the premiere player of the NFL this year. he can be used in so many ways theres no full proof plan in stopping him. that is if he is the only threat. rivers needs to get himself together and make the entire team a threat. LETS GO CHARGERS.
If LT is so great why has he scored such a huge disproportion of their TDs? What proof do you have that everybody is over-committing and the Chargers just run successfully anyway? Are you saying it’s impossible to make the Chargers pass instead of run? You better think again. A stallion back that can take a lot of carries, split the seam up the middle or turn the corner and break it to the outside is a player you don’t want handling the football. Make someone else beat you! Obviously the first thing you need are your keys. I don’t watch the Chargers so I have no idea. Obviously if the defense knows precisely what’s coming every play, they win! My free outside ‘backer and the MLB are keyed to LT, no exception. Perhaps, up front you’d just sellout and fire strong side, but the Defensive Linemen have to maintain their gaps! Cut the DL loose, take away the strong side run and get your pass rush to boot. None of that read & react crap. Your adjustment would be with the LBs. The more the Chargers run LT back to the weak side the more your LBs are cheating that way. Same with the FS, I’d keep rolling him up.

The first step is stopping the downhill run. I don’t care which back we discuss, force him to run laterally to daylight! That does wonders for the defense’s pursuit. The problem with this is that you’d be more susceptible to screens, especially to the weak side. If the DL is constantly firing to the backside of the play, it’s difficult to prevent the offense from getting to their second tier (downfield) blocks to the on side. The advantage the defense would have is that they’d at least know what’s coming and run through their progressions to get it plugged. The DE to the weak side can’t be some 280lb lightweight, a one dimensional edge rusher. That simply won’t do! This guy has to have the game of his life for my game plan to work. If the LG constantly pancakes him and the LT is free to the second tier, then the chargers don’t need to pull and those runs wide would develop all that much quicker. Now, if the DL can stuff the strong side run but redirect support on their post snap reads, then you’d have something. Yeah Mark, it’s called a miracle. …lol… Ok, it’s important to develop a plan B against LT. The best way to deal with LT is to just play great offensively, long drives that result in TDs. Back to the defense, when the Chargers add their slot rec’r I’d rotate out a Safety, not a LB. When the Chargers do run LT back to the weak side that free, outside ‘backer has to blow up any lead block in the backfield!

The other problem here is that with all this sellout to stop the strong side run, if the Chargers are successful back to the left, then their play-action fakes to that side could also wreak havoc. One of my first adjustments would be to commit up front even more. I’d rotate out a Safety and play 5 down linemen. See, my eight in the box on run downs would be 5 DL and 3 LBs! Now your LBs have got to snuff out those screens early! Where are you susceptible now? Over the top, which is exactly what you want! Make the Chargers prove they have that capability to go over you and do it consistently. That’d be my plan! What do you think?
i agree with you that the patriots best defense against LT is their offense. however getting long drives against the chargers isnt going to be very easy. its not like the chargers are another version of the colts. amzing offense with a crappy defense. the chargers have one of the better defenses in the league. at the end of it i still believe that the chargers will win.
People have been trying your type of defense all season against the Chargers, that's why Rivers was able to be so successful, unusual for a young quarterback.....22 TDs 9 INTs, over 3000 yards over 60% completion percentage. In the early part of the regular season Rivers absolutely destroyed these type of defenses. Nearer to the end, defenses started playing more "base" or balanced defenses and Rivers struggled but LT dominated. That's why the Chargers were 14-2 ....the best record in the NFL.

That being said....this IS Rivers first playoff game. With LT winning MVP, I'd have to think that the experienced Patriots will go with the type of defense you describe....because after all LT is the more dangerous one and Rivers is young and the Patriots will try to force him into mistakes in his first playoff start. Will the pressure of playing in his first playoff game get to Rivers and cause him to make mistakes? I'd bet that the Patriots will count on that and try to take LT away. I dunno.....I see this as a good close game. I think the Chargers have more talent but the Patriots have more experience. That being said, I have to hope my favorite team, the Chargers can find a way to pull this one out.
i think one of the things working against the patriots this time around that they usually dont encounter in their past playoff runs is not playing at gillette. i think if they were it would affect rivers a lot more. but being its a home game for him he'll feel more relaxed and just play his regular game.
I want the Patriots to lose so badly, I don't care who beats them. Very Happy

Seriously, LT is a huge weapon, and with Rivers, who proved he can throw the ball just fine, the Pats' defense has more than they can handle.

I don't think Brady and his over-hyped playoff record can overcome SD. There is no reason not to imagine them in the big game Feb. 4.
I think the other thing to note is that Schottenheimer is a horrible playoff coach. His teams always seem to be over prepared or over schemed. They don't seem as flexible when they are in the playoffs. So if New England jumps out with 14 points, it will be all over.
If Phillip Rivers plays a solid game the Chargers will win. I've been seeing a lot of quarterbacks messing up in the playoffs recently.
And its 14-10 at the half.

Brady marched them down the field to get one before the half

On that note...go Chargers! Very Happy

Alaskacameradude...I looked at each weeks stats and I find the proof suppporting your contention to be weak...I mean, there's a few weeks where Tomlinson didn't do much and Rivers had a huge game but for most part, he ran wild through his scoring blitz...Here's a recap of the Chargers season:

In his first NFL start, Rivers didn't do much more than hand the ball off and watch his defense dominate. He didn't have to: Tomlinson carried 31 times for 131 yards and one touchdown …The Chargers ran the ball on 48 of 59 plays, and Rivers threw only two passes to wide receivers.

In week two San Diego rushed for 241 yards and LT scored 2 TDs…

In week 4 San Diego ran the ball 41 times for 150 yards…this was their 1st lost vs the Ravens…In fact Schottenheimer took a lot of heat for sitting on a slim lead and employing a more conservative approach, long since labeled "Martyball"

Week 5, San Diego ran 31 times for 119 yards…Rivers threw 37 passes…that’s pretty balanced… Rivers did throw 2 TD passes (vs Pittsburgh)

In week 6, LT only gained 71 yds. Rivers threw for over 300yds and 2 TDs. LT scored 4 times however…

In week 7 San Diego only ran 23 times, but gained 97 yds for a 4.2 avg. This probably had a lot to do with the fact that they fell behind 20-3 early in the game…This was a loss at Kansas City…

In week 8 the Chargers rushed for over 200 yds vs the Rams…Tomlinson had 183 of them…

In week 9, 190 yds on the ground, 172 of it from Tomlinson…

In a shootout vs the Bengals Tomlinson scored 4 times….lol…the team only ran 26 times, but gained 107 yds.

Week 11…In a divisional game vs Denver, LT scored four more TDs…lol…The team ran for 125 yds on 29 carries. Rivers only threw 26 passes.

In Week 12 the Chargers beat Oakland 21-14. LT scored twice and the team ran for 110 yds on 25 carries. Rivers was 15-32, with an INT.

Against Buffalo the next week the team ran for 197 yds, 178 of it by LT…and of course, he scored 2 more TDs…

Oh my god….In week 14, a rematch with Denver, a f’n division rival they play all the time, LT scored three more times..The team had 147 yds on the ground…

This is unreal…vs KC, another team SD plays all the time, they ran for 265 yds, 199 from you know who…Rivers was 8-23 with 2 INTs…
In week 16 the Chargers ran for 168 yds and again, Rivers sucked…10-30 for 172 yds…

The Chargers didn’t need their last game, LT rushed for 66yds before sitting out the rest of the game…Rivers who had a good game also came out in the 3rd qtr.

Yesterday, the Patriots couldn’t run the ball themselves, nor could they stop SD on the ground (148 yds-123 by LT)…But Rivers was only 14-32 with an INT and a key fumble…

Alaskacameradude: your contention may be valid but it really doesn’t make much sense. Ask any player, commentator or coach what’s the best thing you can give a young QB and they’ll all say, a solid running game…To boot, you’re saying that rather than subject Rivers to all kinds of looks and disguised blitzes defenses just threw up their base front and he still struggled any way…He blows and should’ve been exposed long before yesterday!
In week six, Tomlinson had only 71 yds and Rivers threw for over 300yds...thing is, it seems thats what most teams did against SF...SF's run defense was lower middle of the pack and their pass defense was horrid... I mean c'mon, SF must've really sold out to stop LT...Rivers managing to do what every other QB did against SF doesn't set him apart from anybody, which, if you're going to go to the big show, you have to do! Finally we can stop talking about the Chargers and discuss the Patriots for once! ...lmao... Suddenly Indy has a defense again....lmao...ok, whatever...
Well that just sucked. Too many mistakes, and not enough defense when it was really important to stop NE.

The good news is, at least my Bears won, and NE has to play at Indy next week. Should be a great championship weekend!
It's been too long since I've looked at this stuff...I did watch a bit of Indy's win over Baltimore. On a couple of occasions Manning had to move to his left and either made a bad decision or a bad throw...But I didn't see the whole game and I haven't watched him in a long time. But that's what they used to say then, that he only likes moving to his right. It's probably true, the guy is real big, strong, accurate and smart. That doesn't mean he has great agility. So the Patriots want to pressure him from his right and force him where he normally doesn't go.

The problem is whether they'll have to blitz him to get there. With dogs he can see coming right in his face, that presents a real problem for the defense. The colts are one of the best at picking up hot reads. The Patriots have to find a way to get that pressure and rotate their coverage to those voided areas. I don't like betting against Peyton Manning but if the Patriots can consistantly force him to make adjustments to his left, it could be over for Indy.
There were so many mistakes in this game, I don't even know where to begin.

Going for it on 4th and 11 in the first quarter when you're CLEARLY in Nate Kaeding's field goal range is retarded. 4TH AND 11. We asked Schottenheimer to stop playing Martyball, not to start playing like an idiot. Take the guaranteed 3, you moron.

Challenging the blatant fumble by Marlon McCree...wasted timeout that could've really been used on our last attempt.

Not reading the redzone blitz, and allowing the resulting sack to take the bolts out of field goal range--hi, 8 in the box, buddy. Read?

No Romo. I don't know what was up with Jackson, Parker, and Gates today...but they seriously acted like they had no hands. There were instances where they were wide open and the ball would pop straight between their gloves, and they'd drop it. And kick receivers should NEVER drop balls like that. Parker slipping in the backfield is inexcusable.

Florence's moronic showboating after Brady's fumble led to yet another touchdown. More unsportsmanlike penalties follow.

I thought Rivers performed well overall; he was getting the ball where it needed to go. On the last drive he was being really effective, though I would've liked to see more cuts to the outside to stop the clock. But don't lob a screen pass to Tomlinson after you see him getting bumped and the Dback is between you two. Intercepted.

Quentin Jammer and the rest of the corners not keeping up...I don't know if the Patriots' wide receivers are just that much more aggressive in trying to get their hands on the ball, but when the secondary tackles more than it does force incomplete passes, there's a problem.

Nate Kaeding chokes on the 54 yarder. It was acceptable against the Jets when you were a rookie. No more please.

I'm still a Bolts fan and the game was still enjoyable to watch, I'm just pissed. Highlights of the game: Donnie Edwards' zone/spy interception, Merriman's pass rushing, Castillo's pass rushing (was good to have him back...), LT & Burner Turner's runs/screens, excellent blocking by McNeil and Neal, and the O-line in general.
Mistakes as a few of you have stated was the main factor in this game. San Diego had this game under control but made so made dumb mistakes, penalties etc and lost it because of that. Too bad.

Hopefully the Colts take care of that scumbag Brady Twisted Evil
there ya go...that's why I don't bother with this umm, stuff anymore. Back when I was taping and reviewing and reviewing some more and then reviewing some more, that's what I always found too. Big plays in the NFL are rarely great plays on one side of the ball as opposed to mistakes you shouldn't see at this level. No way! See, you say, the Chargers had rec'rs "wide open" and they missed those opportunities. That's pretty vague dude. Explain how they got "wide open" for us. You should never see rec'rs running free through defenses coverages...sorry dude, not at this level... See, you only see the breakdowns on one side. You're not seeing what it's really all about my friend.
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