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Leaving... :(

Think she will wait till I come back?
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I've known this chick for almost 2 years. Everytime I start talkin to her again she has a boyfriend and I told her I'll let you be happy and I'm not tryin to mess things up with your boyfriend. Well, Now she's single and i've almost hooked up with her...her last ex boyfriend lives with her in her basement at her moms house.....She dated him for like 5 months or so....When I started talkin to her again she had pretty much just broke up with him so I have been hanging out with her alot....She says she likes me alot and all that sappy stuff but she says she doesnt wanna date me cuz i will be leavin for basic training on the 16 of this month...She's says when i come back she will hook up with me but..I could be gone for like 6 months but it's not for sure. I', gonna be pissed off when I come back and shes hooked up with somone else...I know it's gonna happen but i hope it doesnt. This girl is gorgeous and I'm almost positive she wont wait that long for me (she claims she will but I dunno about that) She's a really open and honest girl....I really like her and I'm not tryin to screw myself by leavin but I dont have much of a choice. I think I can trust her and she tells me I dont have to hide anything from her...But she hasnt really told me in alot of detail exactly how she feels about me like I have with her..I dunno what I am aiming for with this post maybe some advice or something...I just kinda wanted to get it off my chest....Feels better talkin about stuff rather than bottling it all up inside Smile
Maybe 6 months away from home help you to see things with perspective. Think
It's all I can say.
are you rich? No? Then she's not gonna wait for you
IF she waits then she will be worth the time, if not move on and DON"T attempt to hook up with her again, Even if SHE wants to, all you are gonna get is head games. Not worth the bother
Come on dude...6 months is like so will end in a blink of an eye...this will also let you know whether she really likes you or she just wants someone to be with after the break up. And yeah, it is true that your view will change when you go to other place..if you really like this girl and she really likes you, then both of you will be together when you get back from training. Have faith in her and yourself. Smile
You say you trust her. Still you say that you think she will not wait even though she says she will.

You seem very insecure of her feelings for you. Probably because she has not told you what she feels about you.

You are going away. It seems that you care for this girl very much. Talk to her, find out what she feels for you. Do not spend these 6 months insecure - suffering, worrying...

If she says she loves you, you can relax - she will probably wait!

If she says she doesn't, you do not have to waist any time worrying that she will not wait for you.

Good luck! Hope it will work out for the best for you!
Having been there from the opposite end of the situation, I say give yourself the time away to gain a bit of perspective. It's a promise not a commitment. Put yourself into that time away without thought of what if's and just live. When you come back and she's still there for you, talk it out. Don't let her snow you with feelings she just doesn't have. Do you think your own feelings for her might be clouding what she's telling you? Is she being sincere with you? Whatever you decide when you come back, either do it or don't, but don't waste your time on someone not ready to give you their all. It's very clich้ to say it, but so true: Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. You can hope that she will be there as she says, but if she's not? Be prepared to move on with your life.
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