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favorite Music

I have always loved music with lot of speed and instrument (non human singing song)

one of my favorites: the Rock Narnia : The Battle Metal gear solid

well am not a good music knower but any can tell me other
favorite music?
Rolling Eyes
I like almost all styles of music!!! But the most I like are heavy metal and hip hop!
The Mitchell
i love a lot of stuff but music that is generally progressive. Not simpy just prog but anything that has that feel to it. I particularly like orchestral stuff with slow build ups and really tense explosive endings. Godspeed You! Black Emperor, A Silver Mt Zion, Sigur Ros, Mum etc would probably be the ones that would stand out most but also things like aereogramme etc toward the more rock side.
I love, Viaul kei, Oshare kei indie, J-rock.

is japanese rock Smile
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my favourite song is everything i do sung by bryan adams & mysterious girl sung by peter andre.

abhi Cool
I like songs with a good drum beat, a scintilating guitar and powerful vocals.

My favourite song is most likely "Figure .09" by Linkin Park. Powerful, melodic, a great drum sequence, and true lyrics.
I love Ska and Jazz, they are my two favourite genres. I also play in a wind orchestra so I love any well written piece for wind orchestra.
And I'm a metalhead - I'm into melodic death, folk and power metal. Bands like Helloween, Ensiferum, Wintersun, Children of Bodom, Nevermore, Angra etc.

I like both aggressive songs and ballad songs. Yup.
I tend to like most kinds of music (can't stand rap, though), but I'd have to say my favourites are darkwave and Jrock, particularly anything that sounds really melancholy (HIZAKI grace project? WIN!). On the other hand, I have a HUGE weakness for Eurobeat, which is pretty much the opposite.
Well i love a lot of music. I listen to everything from classical music to old school rock'n roll.
I guess im mostly into heavy metal, even though i do not like every kind of metal. I prefer the more melodic genres like progressive metal, power metal, new age of british heavy metal and so on. But of cause i listen a lot to other styles like thrash metal and also some death and melodic death metal.
Some of my favorite bands are:
blind guardian
judas priest
and a lot more.
But of cause i also listen to a lot of different rock like ac/dc, the rolling stones, the who, the doors, uriah heep, queen and many more. It depends on my mood what i want to listen to.
I also listen a lot to classical music (as i said above). I prefer music from the baroque which i more interesting but of cause i also love mozart and such. I also love when classical music is combined with modern music, like rock and metal.
I do not like music like hip hop, (especially modern) pop and techno. I think that the genres are promoted way to much in the tv - on mtv and such. Of cause i can't say that i dislike all kinds of pop and such, but i think that there is produced way too much bad music these days - and particularly in the these genres.
Especially hip hop is bad in my ears. I just find it way too monotone and there is diffinetely not enough melody and variation to me, in this genre.

Anything goes!
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