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Hello there, Ive been thinking about the upcoming contest i want to have, and i thought, if i want a lot of people to play, i need a lot of frih$ so i thought of ways to make firh$ and it hit me, why wouldnt people want niffty little effects added to their logos they spent time to make?

( there are currently only 3 effects up for sale, more to come)

How it works:

1) first you look at the affects
2) you choose which one you like, and choose any addons you would like
3) give me the banner you want the affect added to and wait less than 24 hours

Step 1: View the first 3 effects HERE
Note: effect 2 changes each time you refreash the browser (up to 3 characters)

step 2: Addons and price

Effect 1: 30 Frih$

1) Make more or less apear - 1 frih$
2) Make them start to vanish - 5 frih$
3) Make them faster or slower - 1 frih$
4) change the size range - 2 frih$
5) make them blow up when you click on them - 10 Frih$
6) edit the alpha - 2 frih$
7) Edit color - 1 frih$
8) Make it have a random color when it apears - 5 frih$
9) Make it have a random alpha when it apears - 5 frih$
10) use a pic instead of the bubble - 10 frih$
11) BETA: only have bubbles appear as the mouse moves - 20 frih$
12) Basic effect Source code - 150 Frih$
13) Source code with all addons and readme.txt - 300 frih$
Effect 2: 30 frih$
(i have a huge list of sprites you can choose from)

1) add up to 2 characters and display randomly - 10 frih$
2) have a button on first visit that lets the user pic which one will show each time they view your site from then on - 20 frih$

Effect 3: 20 frih$

1) your own font that youll have to send me - 10 frih$
2) make the explotion be the logo thats on your banner - 1 frih$


and there you go, more effects to come, you can all suggest some effects you would like to see (please post here before PMing me)
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