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Sprit Of Friendship

Few Relations In Earth Never Dies

According to me
faith+ trust= best friend

what appeals u most in ur best friend.......?

What is your idea of friendship... how would u say friendship develops and flourishes between people.
My good friends are brutally honest. Everyone else might lie or try to make me feel better, but I know that my friends will give me what they REALLY think, not what they think I want to hear.

Friendship develops when two people have something in common and chose to care and be honest with each other. Over time, trust develops between them.
Friendships take time and effort, most relationships do. I think the that draws me closer to my better friends compared to acquaintances is the fact that I feel comfortable around them. We have things in common, it's fun to be around them, they are people you can rely on, etc.
Friends are friends... I dont have best friends or worse friends or something

I trust everyvone, who I dont know, i cant trust him...

Hard to explain - bad english

I trust everyone, not only "verified" people. When i catch someone, who i cant trust i dont do it. But everyone else (i know, not strange people), i trust...
Trust and honesty are the those two that grow in time between friends. Like I read before, my friends can be brutally honest with me. Laughing
Friendship means to help the other person when he is need and to put aside your liking. It’s to love another selflessly. Many times we befriend people simply because they have something we want. This is not friendship.

Friendship means to accept the other for who he or she is and to help them when they need it most. A friend in need is definitely a friend indeed. Unfortunately, in today’s self centered society such friends are hard to come by. Today most people are concerned about themselves and not about those in their vicinity.

Everyone just wants to rip the other person off and enjoy themselves. No one cares about anyone. Hence, if you do come across someone who is sincere, hold on to him or her like the plague for otherwise you will regret it.
Sadow wrote: friends can be brutally honest with me. Laughing

last month i was depressed by weight of world and i was annoying on everyone...

And then my "friend" (she is not my good friend, because we dont know each other enough) said to me: "Stop with your *** bullshit, you just coplain with your ***. But everyone has problems so SHUT UP!" And it realy helped me...

I said " Thank you, realy, honest!" and she started to apologize and it took me some time to persuade her, that im realy glad...
yeah, my friends can be damn freakin truthful too. to a certain extent that i cannot take it anymore. and i'd just tell them to shut up. haha. but i know they are good for me as they are well meaning. cheers to all da trustworthy friends out there!!
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