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Just moved our place around and we have got a install prob..

Mum and i just moved the studdy around and did a big clean in the room.... all wires and placement or stuff was perfict.... but we keep getting wizard install shield comming up for no apparent reason...

PCI comunication device.

All computers are linked properly - i can access the internett, and files on my computer to my mums, and mum can do the same so can my sister.

Our computer has a system that mums the main computer and ours just logs into the iternett system via mum's network dsl thing.... bit technical for me to explain... but

everything was installed before why all of a sudden has the install wizzard come up saying new hard wear found.... nothing new has been added Confused I am really confused... all plugs are in the right spots... mum says she has put them in the right spots, and so the mystery remains... any clue on how to get rid of this wizard installation? it's already installed...

Right click your my computer icon on the desktop and then click on Manage. On the left side of the window click on Device Manager to highlight it. On the right side, what is the name next to the symbol that looks like a yellow question mark or yellow exclamation point? We need to find out which device is trying to reinstall itself.

PCI communications device means that it's probably a network card, wireless network card, modem, or some other communications device.

Look through your devices and see if you notice anything missing that should be on the list.
ok did that..... It's the computer comunication device thats set up to link 2 computers to the main computer.
We see that it's working hence what i typing.... hang on i will find the name of it......

i cant seem to locate what its called, i will have to wait till my mum wakers up....

sorry guys....

Could it be that the net work or what ever it is could be out of place or isn't in its spot enough?
no, if the driver is reinstalling itself if means that something with it's software has become corrupted. What I would do in your case is uninstall the communications device, power down the PC, and remove the wireless card. Boot up and see if the problem with it installing itself has gone away. If it has, power back down, insert the device, power up the PC, and reinstall the driver software.

Keep in mind that if you do this, you may have to re-establish your network connection depending on how you have things configured.
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