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House & [Scrubs]

Just wondering if anyone out there watches either one of these shows. I love House for the sarcastic jokes and the intelligence of it all. Scrubs is great because...well...It is one of the funniest shows I have watched in a long time.

Any thoughts?

I've never seen House, but thought that was a serious drama? I've recently discovered Scrubs reruns on Comedy Central and love it.

The show is just different compared to anything else I have seen. One of the few shows that will actually make me laugh outloud. I've heard a show called "Arrested Development" has a similiar humor, but I have never seen it.
Scrubs is truly one of my favourite TV shows. The characters are just si well created and maintained and the scripts are so well written that each episode is as funny and fresh as the last.
well house is intended to be serious. however what sets it apart from the rest of these hospital dramas are the unique cases that are brought to the doctors as well as dr. houses methods of handling them and his sarcastic treatment of both his patients as well as colleagues. just the reason why i enjoy it.
Love Scrubs, hate House.

I watched a few House episodes, and each one was based around a patient who had 2 or more ailments that complicated the diagnoses. That was ok the first time, but it got old fast. I assume that is not always the plot line, but I couldn't bring myself to watch anymore. The characters were just annoying to me... But I'm probably in the minority here.

Scrubs is one of my favorite shows. It's quirkiness appeals to me and I love the characters. One thing I like, but can understand others hating, is the life lessons they try to layout. Of course, it all works because of the great writing and actors. Great stuff.
I adore Scrubs! It's so funny and Zach Braff is a comic genius - I can't wait til the new season starts in Britain. Very Happy I also like House but I'm slightly squeamish so some of it is a bit... gross.
I love House! It's the only show I watch that's not a documentary on ancient civilzations or other mystierous things... I like it because it's interesting and House himself is quite funny. Though I agree on getting grossed out by some stuff - I'm not usually squeamish, but the visuals on the medical problems are really well done, and I admit there have been many times where I've had to look away or risk feeling very nauseous.
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