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anyone going skiing this year / been?

skiing or snow boarding
 75%  [ 9 ]
 25%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 12

if so where? im going to Avoriaz in france it should be good, they had the world's first snow park. lol
People are talking me in to this almost every year and say it is fun. well, I never have done it, and still need to try it indoor first i think. And have the appropriate ammount of money for it.

I know my friends are going mostly to Winterberg in Germany.
yeah u really should try, it is good fun, and u can get some cool deals.

if u try in doors don't o it on dry slope runs my friend broke his rist last time we went!
Make sure you sign up for some lessons from a real instructor.
An old dirty trick that some people play is to take a noob up to the the top
then ski down away from and leave them stranded tring to figure it out.
Hit the bunny slope first.
And take some heavy duty leather gloves.
Most bunny slopes will have a tow rope to pull you up the hill.
Tow ropes will burn a hole through a nice pair of gloves in no time.
After you move on to T-bars, chair lifts and gondolas you'll want better gloves.
..never been skiing or boarding..

it's sad, really

but I live in Texas, so...
I myself don't ski or board but my husband and duaghter are both avid skiers. My daughter is a racer in fact. The only problem is that with so little snow here in the Ottawa (Canada) area, the ski conditions are GARBAE. Oh well, hopefully we'll get more snow soon.... though not having to shovel has been nice.
I'm going to Wister in Canada. I hear it is really good. Have a lot of you not in the U.S. or Canada hear of it?
I prefer skiing to anything else, esp. cross-country. I also do ski-jouring with my dog. I usually go on a 20-30 km walk, though I prefer longer distances if physically possible (depends on the amount of training I've had, my health state and weather conditions). Unfortunately, this year has been abnormally warm, so there isn't much snow in our woods. So I lack skiing. ;_;
yer lol i wend sking for X-mas and OUCH i went the alps.. but i shot down so fast i think i broke the world speed record.. my dad never tought me haw to slow dwn or stear lol so you can imagain what happend Sad but i'm ok now i can get down to the bottom i one piece but not sure about the other people who pass me ( i knock the over).

but yer it was fun and i would def go again
I snowboard! Just started this year acctually. Yesterday was only my 5th time, but i think im doing pretty good.(I can acctually make it down the hill and sucsesfully turn without falling) Lol.
Captain Fertile
I have never been skiing nor indeed on any holiday with snow - usually a hot beach.

The thing is I adore snow and it never even crossed my mind to go on this kind of holiday.

Maybe not skiing or boarding but to wake up somewhere with deep clean white snow in the morning and to be able to watch snow falling at night while I am inside with a warming drink.

That actually sounds more like a dream holiday than frying on a beach bored while I wait to go from blue to red (being british I don't tan well but I burn well Laughing ).

We get snow here but it is usually the sleety kind that turns into slush within hours and never lasts as long as I would like.

Thanks for putting that idea into my head, hmmm I will look into this further - now I am excited. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
I went boarding in tremblant in quebec at new years. Only 50 / 90 runs were open's a bad boarding year, not a lot of snow...but i guess were getting it now. Hope to do soem boarding soon.. Laughing
Almost every week this winter I have been skiing about three to four days a week. Im on a alpine racing team so every weekend I either have a race or training all day. I actually just got back from a slalom race. I did fairly well but I think ill do much better at the next event.

Does anyone here do crazy ski jumping? My parents went to one of those giant olympic ski jumps and they said it was pretty amazing. Im also into that crazy high jump thing with lots of flips and stuff. What is that called?

This year I've been skiing only once, because in Russia the winter is not very snowy =(((
I went to ski this year, 2 weeks ago in, in Brasov (Romania).
It was a nice skiing day but there was allot of ice on the slopes. In the same day I got hit in the head by a teleski. That hurt!
I'n going to a local hill with my school this year. It's an annual trip. I like skiing the best because boarding doesn't have as much maneaverability and you only have half the number of tricks to perform.
murray732 wrote:
I went boarding in tremblant in quebec at new years. Only 50 / 90 runs were open's a bad boarding year, not a lot of snow...but i guess were getting it now. Hope to do soem boarding soon.. Laughing

Yep thats right,its been a terrible year for snow also in Europe.Last year there was incredible amounts;the most snow in some countries for more than 25 years!
This year is different with plus temperatures even now in February which is meant to be one of the coldest months in the year.
Climate Control is here the mother earth is trying to protect us by warming up and cooling down the temperatures of the planet trying to kill what ever is killing her,but the trouble is the damage has already been done.
I was in whistler this year and the snow was pretty good although we didnt get nearly as much fresh stuff while we were thier as last year (only about 5cm/day when we were there), there was still some good powder in places though.
yes, i do too
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