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Rob Zombies "Hallowe'en" - Release Date & More

Release Date : August 31st 2007

Rob Zombie

Sherri Moon Zombie
Daeg Faerch
Malcolm McDowell
Tyler Mane
Pat Skipper
Dee Wallace Stone
William Forsythe


Rob Zombie has now revealed that his wife Sherri Moon Zombie will play Michael's mom Deborah Myers, and added that Dee Wallace Stone and Pat Skipper have signed on to play Laurie Strode's parents.

Daeg Faerch will play "Young Michael Myers" where as Tyler Mane *SabreTooth from Xmen films* will play Michael as an adult.


- Originally scheduled for an October 19, 2007 release.
- The film will begin in 1978 and detail Michael's childhood.
- Rob has said that he plans to have the film be shown in Michael's point of view.
- Michael's infamous mask will be "classic".
- It's said that Rob will take the series into a new direction and not be a copycat of any previous Halloween films.
- Rob is also going to serve as music supervisor.
- Rob Zombie will write, direct and producee, with Malek Akkad of Trancas International Films and Andy Gould of Vision Entertainment Group.
- The project once bared the title Halloween: Retribution.
- Cast member Heather Bowen entered a contest on the official Halloween site, where she won and was guaranteed a walk-on role in the next Halloween film. That was over three years ago.
- Jaime Lee Curtis will not be in the film.
- They're trying to bring back the old tone and feel the first film had, while at the same time bring something fresh and new to the concept.
- Original series producer Moustapha Akkad died on November 11th in a Jordanian hospital from wounds sustained in the bombing of a Jordan hotel.
- Sean S. Cunningham has nothing to do with the film despite rumors.
Count me interested! I havent seen any other of the films Rob has done (though I'm a huge fan of his music). I've liked the Haloween movies since I was a kid.

What other films besides "The Devil's Rejects" has Zombie done? Might have to take a weekend and rent some just to see how they fare.
apexcaliber wrote:
What other films besides "The Devil's Rejects" has Zombie done? Might have to take a weekend and rent some just to see how they fare.

He has written and directed "The Devil's Rejects", "House of 1000 Corpses" and "Hallowe'en" ... and the upcoming film "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" is based on a comic he (Zombie) wrote.

If you like Rob, and you like gore movies - you wont be disappointed
Captain Fertile
I will be looking out for this one. I like the Halloween movies and a fresh look at an old story should be good to watch.

I really like the idea about finding out more about the background to Michael Myers (beofre he made Waynes World??? j/k).

Freddie Kreuger used to be may favourite slasher flick baddie but he has been replaced by Michael Myers and Jason Vorhees and more recently even by Chucky from the Child's Play movies.

Michael Myers is good because he retains the 'just keeps on comin'' aspect while not giving in to the I am from Mars or your dreams or black magic cop-out. He is just a sick guy who keep butchering people even though they run everywhere very fast and he just walks but they still somehow end up on the end of his knife/axe/bottle/screwdriver/other (delete as required).
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