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Ultra HD

Well, we all know that full HD (1080p) looks very nice and crisp. Of course, we can always do better. Ultra HD (also known as Super Hi-Vision) is going to be the next level of high definition. Ultra HD has a very high number of pixels with 7680 4320; that's 16 times the number of pixels that 1080p HD has.

Of course, this incredible image quality is going to take up a LOT of space. One minute of uncompressed footage takes up a whopping 194 GB. Of course, this means that you could store a bit over a minute of footage on a 200 GB bluray disk. A 3.9 TB HVD could hold almost 20 minutes. Apparantly, it would require the PCD (up to 50 TB) to store a full length movie.

There was a demo of this some time ago, but it received some negative feedback because users thought the image was "too good." I personally think that this could be out by 2015 and be the next generation of High Definition, bringing the current HD down to Standard Definition.

What are your views on Ultra HD?
Why would you want such high quality?
it would cost so much more but I douht it would be worth it

think of the equipment needed to take such high quality video

all that money could be used on something else (starving children in Africa?)
that's just too much what's the resolution for a human eye anyways?
Do we have to be that annoying with such high resolution that we might not even see the difference! also wouldn't be that waste of HD space? I know HDs getting bigger and bigger but what about GPUs that responsible on decoding such info and the high power consumption
I know we're moving to smaller transistor size that would reduce consumption but still it looks like a waste of technological research for now we can really concentrate on something better
so in conclusion I guess I go NO for now but I might change my mind in the distant future

but thanks for starting this topic Smile

I expected some negative response to this. Very Happy

But, think about this. We went from 480p to 1080p, that's like going from 1080p to 4320p (with 16 times the number of pixels). If we managed to go from 480p to 1080p, then I can bet we could do the same again. Technology changes pretty quickly, so I think it can be done.

I already mentioned that most people thought it was "too good." I, of course, have never watched anything on an Ultra HD screen, but people got motion sickness because it was that realistic.

As for the equipment, it will take some powerful equipment. Back in 2005, they showed a live relay of Ultra HD over 250 km by a fiberoptic network. They achieved a speed of 24 Gigabits; so you can imagine how much it would cost today.

Either way, sooner or later, I can bet 1080p will be outdated. (Unless something weird happens).
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