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web designing

Hi i know web designing.Is there a way to learn for site management.How to find jobs is there any website??
Well for finding jobs I would reccomend if you are looking for small jobs, if you are looking for a professional career I would reccomend which is a good site for that kind of thing.

- Peter.
Even I would suggest you to post ur resume to job sites like, (India) & similar ones.
They have a large pool of jobs for ppl like us!
U can give it try. try googling for more such job sites.
Hi I leave in switzerland, somebody know a trick to find these kind of Job for Career in this small country???
I work in IT instead of Design but my studies were Graphic Design.
I have no more hope to find a long term Job in this field:-( Give me some hope pleaaaase!
Hi its good that you are a good web designer. i agree to all above posts.but one thing i would like to tell u is that u prove urself that what u can do in web designing and upto what extent.simple thiong is u can make ur own
website with excellent look and features which will help u to fing great job.
can you sign on if you come from the EU??

is this site worldwide??
if not does any1 know a worldwide site like
i sure hope so cus i live in the netherlands
i just lost my job so gotta find a way to make money fast

greets Charlie
I don't know much as im only young but a lot of people ive seen have made a website with portfolio etc and advertised it loads and if done right i think generates a lot of interest
Try thats not bad for that stuff either. Type in junior web developer /designer if you have no experience.
wow thnks for the link i really need a freelance job
there is a kind of new site called it really "web 2.0" styled social networking for job searches. I haven't actually used it since I have a job that I like currently. but it does look interesting. I would check it out.
Echo Printer
Thanks for the link, nice website and good job listings from Junior level on up. Cool
If you'd like to hunt for a job in China, you might want to check the website of:

hello guys. i know how to design a website..but i lack confidence, i am not yet a professional, i'm just a student...

If you want to take a look of my creation please try to visit

thank you... i need some encouragement..
zplitstonez wrote:
hello guys. i know how to design a website..but i lack confidence, i am not yet a professional, i'm just a student...

If you want to take a look of my creation please try to visit

thank you... i need some encouragement..

I feel the same way as you do about the sites I have made but you should not feel this way. I have just visited your site and it looks amazing. Great job.
I agree with chrismen, Your site looks amazing!, Great job i don't see why you don't have confidence when you create such an amazing thing like that. Smile
First of all, seach using those job sites. Then search out through forum posted ads, maybe even look around somewhere here. Then search around your friends, your friend's friends, your teachers, coworkers and other such people. I just found a design job through a miracle, while browsing my schools forums. Now, I have 9 days to complete a layout for a "linux convention type thing". I dont have to do the coding, because the guy knows PHP and will do it for me. There is only one BUT... I dont get cash out of this, since its school related, Ill get a grade. But there is another BUT... They guy mentioned this is sort of a test for me, if all goes well he will have more work for me and for cash. And ofcourse, I will get more experienced after this and be able to add this to my portfolio (once I make myself a portfolio =P). Although I reckon that if I want to get deeper in to web design Ill have to learn PHP and MySql atleast.
So dude, just search and ask around. You never know.
And dude... Good luck!
i tried too many jobs i think they spammed my email Very Happy
hello everyone,
I would like to thank you for the comments that you made,
thank you for boosting my confidence, i really appreciate what you do,
thank you once again...

If you need some help from me,
don't hesitate to email e.
thank you once again.
Build up your reputation with a really kick-a** website, and offer your services. Get some people to try out your services, hand out business cards if you have to. You don't need to jump into the business right away, just work your way into the line of business while developing your skills further. Make sure you have plenty of example layouts for your customers.
Create your portfolio where u display all your work (everything you are happy with, maybe not your very first website).

On many forums there are job effering both for free and for money. Take a job offer from there, it's a way to start ur career, to be seen. If the person who asks for your help is happy with your work, it's a big chance he/she will recommend you to others.

Ofc u should browse job sites, but since alot of people are doing this, it's very hard to get a job this way, you have to be outstanding top of the cream to get a job, or the onlyone that wants the job.

If u are not one of the lucky ones with connection in webdesign buisniess and can get a job there, it's all about pain realy. Make sites for all kind of people and companies, phone every company in the phonebook, offer ur services. Sometime you will be lucky, just dont stop trying.

And not to forget, never stop learning! The more you know, the bigger chance of getting a job. Learn new stuff, ok you can html, xml, dhml, css.. well start learning java, php, sql, dom ect..

I was lucky, I got a job on an industry, started as a machine operator, and very soon after that the company was looking for a web administrator, web developer, someone with good skills with a comp, I applied for the post, and got it... so since then I've been making and administrating their homepage and other stuff using the web, also helps me to learn more, new programs, dig deeper in programs I alrdy knew etc.

Good Luck! and never stop trying! God will smile @ you one day Very Happy
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