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I learned something new today.

quex can make great shortbread cookies in a cheap toaster oven. *ta-daaa!*

Okay, now, to make this relevant to the forum:

When writing a cover letter for your resume (or even before sending your resume), I was taught a few things as an undergrad that I would appreciate some fair and balanced feedback on.

First, we were cautioned to always know EVERYTHING about the firm or company we were targeting. Actually, the rule of thumb was to spend at least two hours on the internet researching their history and work, sleep on it for a night, check the news the next morning to see if they were suddenly involved in any major scandals, and THEN write the letter.

Question 1: Do people actually do this anymore? Picking a company they'd like to work for and seeing if a position is available, I mean? Or is it all headhunters and web classifieds now...? It seems to me that everyone is using types of engines. Maybe I'm paranoid.

Secondly, we were told NOT to say anything about specific experience in cover letters or testing letters. "Let the resume state all the facts, don't say anything twice."

Question 2: In my father's day and age, a cover letter was used as a formal introduction of the person applying and a highlight of his or her best accomplishments. A cover letter that does NOT harp on one's success seems, to him, at least, to be pansy-assed and worthless. I, personally, am unsure. I mean, you don't want to sound like a tool in your cover letter, but if there's nothing that jumps out and says "I did this and this" when there's supposed to be, will a busy executive skip the rest of the resume?

And lastly, the cheapest blueberry preserves are the best for baking those shortbread cookies. Hot damn.

quex wrote:
It seems to me that everyone is using types of engines.
I do. And I think all my friends do the same. I have never wrote a cover letter.

And good luck!!!
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