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A few sigs that my friend made

These are some signatures made by my friend.The following comments that come under them are his personal comments that he said on MSN.

The Venom Signature

His comments - He says he was bored and was looking for renders and something to do.He thought this render looked very good and decided to use it.It took him aproxametly twenty minutes to complete.

The UnderWorld Signature

His comments - He says he was watching the film UnderWorld Evolution and liked Michael(Half-werewolf,Half-vampire hybrid). He couldn't find any renders on the render site so he went on google and had to do a cut out.He uses this signature in all the forums he goes on as it is one of his favourites.

The Darkwatch Signature

His comments - He didn't mean to make this one,he was just again browsing around and came across this render and he liked it.He liked the sword and the way the render fitted with the background he had put on.This was also his first attempt at animating which came out ok on the writing.

The WWII B-17 Plane

His comments - He says he had never done any vehicle before and he wanted to try one so he looked for renders of vehicles and found this great plane.He played around with it for a bit and discovered that with the right background he could make it look like the plane had either smashed through something or was flying past an explosions.

Crypto Signature (Destroy All Humans)

His comments - This was his very first signature which took him quite along time as he was new to it.He put it onto a message board and people said it was pretty good for a begineer which made him do more.

Please rate them and tell your opinions about them.

Thanks. Smile
I like how he uses the origional picture as the background, only he distorts it some way or another. The grunginess of the underworld one is neat, though it's a little dark.
Yeah i thought it's a bit dark too,But it still looks very cool,and i am although i'm a sig maker myself,i just don't like my own sigs...their backgrounds suck.

Thanks for the comment though. Smile
I think the best one is either the underworld or darkwatch Sig. The 2 at the bottom weren't rendered to well and the venom pic is kind of blurry.
He should try and blend his renders more. To get a nice uniform composition.
Them are decent I give them all a 5 out of 10.

They all need to blend alot more from render to background and also needs lighting detail and needs to be brighter overall.

Also the borders need work.

Tell ure friend to get adobe photoshop cs to make sigs its op.
all of them are so so Good ... the backgrounds so nice

i like more the underworld signature

Good Job to your friend Surprised
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