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What is the fastest way?

Hi, I have a few forums but there aren't many members there.

So, can you guys give me ideas on getting members fast?

I've tried Banner Exchanges and Banners as well.

So, any suggestions? Crying or Very sad
Never easy to give advice on such matters. I belive you can follow a few steps,
but still, one can never be sure that it works.

First, ask yourself if the forums fill any gaps, if there realy is a unique need that
they provide, or if there are similar forums out there. If there are more of the
same kind, wich there propably is, you got a competition-issue. You have to be
better then the competition if it's quantity your after. If it's quality you can put the
number of members aside and just make the best acording to you and your members.
That way, you migth get a unique need filled out, and the problem will solve itself. Wink
In other words, one way is to wait and develope while waiting.

An other way is to add, add, add and add. Make sure lot's of people know of the
forums. Turn to interest-groups, make deals with players in similar areas, get heard
a lot and tie to your person that those forums are worth a visit. Lot's of hard work,
mabye, so make sure you analyzed the situation and know what strategy to use and why.

Last, luck and charm will get you far, so, best of luck!
you can pay them for every quality post Laughing
badai wrote:
you can pay them for every quality post Laughing

I don't think that's a very good idea. Plus, I've already tried that.
dunno... word of mouth worked 4 me Cool
All you have to do is fill a need for a group of people, if you can't do that there's no sense in having a forum.
Try having a referral contest or something similar for a prize. I believe people will start streaming in. And if your site is good, they will continue to stay there. =)
Make sure you site has a high listing on Google, etc. when people search for keywords that fit. Image, image, image!!
exchange link with other site which are same category as yours. Promoting your site at forums......
seems bondings made it work...maybe you should ask him.
Try to participate in link exchanges as much as you can. The more links pointing to your site, the higher your place on search engines. This way, you get more traffic.

Well, this is pretty obvious but the look and feel of your site is really important. I've seen so many sites which just don't follow this rule. You could have the best quality content, but if you site doesn't look appealing, nobody will stick around to read your content. They will immediately press the back button. This goes the same for forums. Try not to have the default phpBB, SMF, invision, vbulletin (famous ones, don't start a war if i didn't mention your preferred one). I usually tend to not stick around as much when its the default look. Try to customize, use a skin off somewhere else.
If your allowed PM people on other sites. If you do use the default skin make sure the banner fits well with it. Definitely don't keep the default logo.
Post a lot in other people's forums. Also, you should find online friends to mod them for you. Generally, they will bring in people, and make the forums more inviting.
I have over 3000 google entires...and I never tried any submissions.

just search for vrythramax.
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