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What is your first prioity of "work to do "

I allways catch my self in editting some net files, for maney hours, and then do i leave my home work to the last day, however, when it then is my last day, i allways got that as first prioity, somethimes it lease long out to the night, i still get good grades, so i feel ok with it.

everytime i think, i got homework to that day, and well i could perhaps sped some time on it, it just allways ends with, naah i don't want to make homework now, 1 its booring, and 2 , to my self i fell , that updateing a site is even more importent''

if others want me to do something, it really depends of what it is, if it's some info on the net as i don't quite know where to find, and can't find it within 5 minutes, they normal comes after my homewrok ... when i got time, because i got my own stuff.
Procastination, when I was at school, I'd always leave my homework to the last minute. It's human nature or something we all do while in school
Strangely enough I was always the other way round at school. I did my homework as soon as I could and then did other things. It was always a relief to get homework out of the way.
I am a serial procrastinator. I wish I wasn't. I just can't help it. I mean, right now, I should be continuing with my art, physics, English and RS, but instead I'm here. Gah.
I agree. I don't know how you can do it without procrasination. I always planned to do things earlier and finish it earlier than the day or even a few days early. But I always have the problem of last minute work! It sucks.
I have a habit of putting everything back to the last minute, unless it involves having fun!
Homework does come first when the last minute does eventually come, the work is usually far too rushed.
I'm different, I always do my college work first, more time to relax then. You also don't have to worry..
I suppose I'm a super-procrastinator: I'll usually come to my classes early in order to do my homework just before class starts. Actually, doing that helps me a lot on tests, as everything is still fresh in my head during the test.

My usual way of procrastination would be to convince myself that doing something I don't want to do will be somehow easier at a future time. Such as: 'I would pay that traffic ticket now, but it'd be easier to do so on my way to school next Tuesday.'
I do the same, but if someone asks me to do something, i usually get right on it. After doing the usual things (emails, forum moderation etc...)
i'll prefer computer or internet. when i busy with other's job, i'll stress and unhappy. but if i busy with computer, for example graphic design, writing software , servicing or play some games and surf internet, i'll happy and enjoy it very much. and i can't even didn't touch my keyboard everyday. even now i' studying pcychology n planning to become a psychiatry, but really, i still like computer the most.
I must be honest, I am a professional crastinator. Everytime I have homework or something like that that must be done, I always say, "Oh, I can just do it later..." And then finally the time comes that I have to do it, and I end up staying up until 6:30 in the morning and getting only an hour and a half of sleep before my final senior oral presentation in my high school english class. But I'm not gonna lie, that was just plain fun! I highly suggest procrastination. However, don't do it if you're easily stressed about stuff. It makes no sense to procrastinate on something, but stress about it the entire time you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing.
Everyone procrastinates - it's only natural to put off what you don't particularly want to do. I, for example, should be reviewing my readings before class to get the most out of them, but I am on here instead, posting about procrastination Razz.
Utopia GFR
High priority tasks first of course.

I believe in organizational methods for they usually turn out to be quite effective at short/mid/long term.

I really dislike having to work "just in time" adding stress unnecessarily to my global behavior even though I used to act that way back in my school/college days.

For people who work here and have short deadlines to cope with, they know what "time management" is for they don't have time to waste on non related job purposes or such.

In non professional aspects, like leisure/side activities, I always go into a length lead (by completing my stuff earlier than scheduled) giving me even more free time for more "cool stuff", like playing videogames, doing nothing, sleeping or surfing on to the Internet Very Happy
i used to do homework in the morning or in the school only, and now in coll, its the same... no change... old habits die hard!! Twisted Evil
I'm an amazing procrastinator. This week I wrote an essay two days late and handed it in on time.

I was going to do it right before class, but we had a snow day (at college, in Rochester, NY. That hasn't happened in years) and were notified shortly before I would begin work. Some people would;ve done the essay anyway. I simply used it as an excuse to procrastinate more.

I've been known to do month-long projects in the two days before it was due. We were supposed to do chapter summaries for the entire textbook in history class, due at the end of the year. I mean LONG summaries, I had a really picky teacher. I did it the week beforehand.

I don't know why I procrastinate so badly, but it rarely comes back to haunt me, and when it does, I'm also one of the best excuse-makers around, so no worries. I live stress free, and I do my best work when the sun isn't up anyway. The procrastination is so bad that I sometimes even put off FUN activities. Maybe this IS a problem. Maybe I'm just efficiently lazy. Confused
FIrst I will sort out what are the "more important" tasks, and then I will start witht the "more important" task that I can finish the fastest. This way I will have smaller list sooner and it helps me to get over with procrastination. (I normally lost interest of doing work when I have too many things in hand).
I think it's normal to leave home lesson for last.... Rolling Eyes
I always prioritate homework much more than for instance developing my sudoku program or just playing games on my computer Razz

Especially now, that I have been in Australia a bit over the holiday, and therefore have to catch up on two weeks of homework Shocked
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