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Let Us Lock Our Own Topics

I think that this might have been suggested before, I'd like to suggest it again.

As you may have gathered by my topic title, I would like to know if its possible to lock our own topics. This would save the moderator's a lot of work and will stop bumped topics and replies saying "Could a Mod Please Lock This"

There are many topics in Frihost Support and the Scripting Languages that often ask one or two question's that get solved after 10 or so posts. Not all of the time, but you will get the occasional answer after the topic has already been solved.

Another example is over at the marketplace. If a competition is over, or the user has run out of Money, there is normally a message saying "Could a Mod Please Lock This".

Now what I would like is an option to quite simply "lock post". After it has been locked, only a moderator could unlock it (To stop people locking and unlocked their topics whenever they feel like it) On top of that, A message could be displayed saying This topic has been locked by the user, if you feel it should be unlocked, Please send a message to a moderator

I'm not sure if this is an option in phpBB3, but I think it is Rolling Eyes
This is a feasible idea..

But I must say that this should not be implemented in forums such as the world news or general forum..

This is because, in these forums, debates and arguments may take place. And also if a user does not like the replies to his post or does not agree with them, he may simply shut down the thread..

This certainly is not in the spirit of the debate

This idea, however could be successfully implemented in the support forums and other forums as well.
If users would be able to close their own threads, it would cause a lot of problems, especially in discussions. It's really not worth the trouble.
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