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My personal website for showing off my design skillz(which are non-existant), my poetry, my art, and general personal information for friends as well as everyone!

Right now I'm wondering what people think of the new design I'm working on, do you think it's too harsh, busy? Whatever? I plan on having a floating texty box and nav bar over top of the image.
Here is the preview of what may be my new layout:

you got to work on the layouts and design buddy.
and the color is annoying. too bright.
It's nice that we can feud about politics and the environment but come together in web design. Very Happy It doesn't seem like a bad start for a layout. My only suggestions would be to leave yourself more space for content and making it as simplistic as possible. It doesn't appear overly cluttered, but maybe if you just left a single heart in each corner or something else to keep it less busy on the eyes.

I'm sure once you get the navigation and organize your space for content, I can give you some more feedback. Keep it up though. Looking good.
pashmina wrote:
you got to work on the layouts and design buddy.

You need to work on your constructive criticism, buddy.
{name here}
It seems inclomplete - it's just a background image. Theres no logo, there's no text preview, it's just an empty background image. The only thing I can really criticize is that the background does not mesh into the image.
i like it. Its simple and just the right side of a clean look but not overly so. The image of the face with the lippy - are u gonna clean up the edges of that? - I'd also suggest you bring the levels up on that too as it is a little too dark and gets lost a bit in the overall image.
I don't know what everyone else was seeing to cause so many harsh responses, but I liked the layout. The only thing that I could possibly say is that you might want to try to get another photo or work with the one that you have, it's a little grainy and it doesn't quite fit seamlessly onto the background. But I do understand how hard it can be to get everything to look seamless...can't do it myself.

I love the simple, clean layout. Is it possible to see the same page with some text or content on it?
I was just working on the background image of the layout before even thinking about where text and links etc would go. I'll try the same idea again and try to clean it up a bit. THanks for the input!
Heh heh, don't wanna be mean, but "simple" on frihost means your site sucks. Personally, i don't have a problem with your site, except that you should change your font and color scheme to something that fits the mood of your site alittle better. Your photobucket pics general theme contradicts the layout, but jmho.
How do the photobucket picture things contradict the layout? I don't understand.

I know the layout is simple, I have very little time to work on it but it's being changed eventually.
the photos in the photobucket portray a grunge theme, and the site layout portrays childishness (is that a word?) I would be happy to help you with the layout, just pm me
Ahh I see what you mean. A sort of crayon-y kiddish look while the images are more gothy. Well I [will] have a variety of images so it'd be hard to find a layout to fit them all or that would go with them all....
what is there, there is nothing, just a black page.
This thread is a bit dead and broken right now, I will post a new link later so please either kill this thread or just ignore until I have a new link. Thanks.
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