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how do you revise?

I was just wondering as I have alot of early GCSE test coming up as I take 3 science GCSE's. how to you most efectivly revise... any sugestions?
Personally I find the best way to revise is taking a few hours each night and sit down somewhere quiet, put some music on and then spend half an hour on revision, then take a 10 minute break to play or game or something amusing and then start another half an hour, repeat the cyle 4 times. This way you don't get bored, but you get your revision done =)

- Peter.
yeah listening to music is good - best to get some that doesn't have words tho other wise you can't take as much in since your brain is processing the lyrics... try some classical music or chillout stuff - works for me! Cool Very Happy

try using flashcards - small pieces of paper (or card as the name would suggest) and jotting down important points. Break your info into sections and use different cards for each different sectioni - use highlighters and colours to emphasise important points! Very Happy
Try to make your revision as interesting as possible. Eat healthily and drink lots of water. It does help if your body is in good health. And don't go for long hours of revising without any breaks, you'll tire yourself out. Smile
The way you learn, or the way you revise depends from person to person. IA few years back i made a teste to see what my learning methods were. After about 100 stupid questions, the results showed that my strongest learning methods are: listening and seeing. So basically i learn a lot listening to teachers in the class and by watching them write on the board. And thats very true....i rarely make brainstorms and write up all the stuff we done over and over again, to put it in my head. I learn even more by just reading the appointments i have. So there you go! hope it helped
I find its best to read the topic and then ask a friend/group of friends questions about the topic. This is a good way of doing it because its fun and I, personally find that it works.

That and good old read, remember, read, remember does help. But it is a long process, boring aswell.
Here's how to revise. Firstly, if you are revising more than one subject split up the time between them and subtract 5 minutes for each subject. So for example if you are revising 3 subjects and you have 2 hours that's 120 minutes. so you subtract 15 minutes (that's 3 subjects * 5 minutes) then another 15 minutes (3*5 minutes) for breaks. That leaves 90 minutes. Divided by 3 subjects that equals 30 minutes each subject. But and it's a big but, DO NOT study the subject for 30 minutes. Divide each 30 minute study period in to 3 (or however many subjects you're studying in this case there's 3 subjects). That means you spend 10 minutes on subject 1 (covering all of the subject you want to cover in the WHOLE study period). You then cover subject 2 for 10 minutes and then subject 3 (again covering the WHOLE amount of the subject you want to cover in the entire study period). Then use the next 6 minutes (2 minutes per subject) to QUICKLY review each subject IN ITS ENTIRETY (that is all of the subject you covered in this study session). If you don't understand a bit - skip it. Do NOT go back and re-read ANYTHING. You then use about 4 minutes for a break (do no studying). This is important as the brain will assimilate the information. Doing nothing allows the brain to do this. You then repeat this proces 2 more times. Going over stuff quickly, in it's entirety and doing it repeatedy makes it much easier to remember, understand and recall the information. To read a great book about this look up 'use your head', 'use your brain' or any of the other learning books by Tony Buzan. To use his techniques takes a bit of practice. Once you have the hang of them you'll be able to study maybe a half to two thirds of the time you studied before and your marks will be much better. IT DOES TAKE TIME to learn and use these methods. They will pay great dividends - if you take the time to use them. PS He's also the inventor of Mind Maps. If you're only studying one or 2 subjects in this revision session, just do the same sort of thing but obviously divide by however many subjects you're studying. Do not study for more than about 40 minutes without a break. You get into a subject and the temptation is to keep studying - DON'T. Read Buzan's books, try this method - it works. Wink
I usually read the whole article/writing/whatever source at first time. Then underline some "cornerstones" - important sentences, definitions etc. I also mark all latin termins with a text marker. I'm a veterinarian, that's why latin here. xD Then I have a break for 20-120 minutes, depending on how long and tiring the discipline is. After that, re-read it again. If that's not enough, I write some important thesis on a piece of paper, just to remember the movement when writing. Also, it helps to remember things visually, like I always do. Then I make a longer break, and run through the pages again. If necessary, I repeat it for 7-8 times if the material is hard.
I generally take notes during my lessons- never to read them again. The trick for me is to listen and write, then I always remember. I'd say one of the keys is interest. If you ever start thinking that the things you are learning are useless or boring, it's game over... Think of learning as something fun!
dont worry too much about the exam.
im guessing your in year 10 or eleven in uk.

when i revise, i just read.
I usually spend few days before the exam just reading the material and at some points making myself to repeat what Iíve just read. Itís very important to make a pause every hour or so and to try to relax. You canít be concentrated all the time. In this way youíll be much more productive.

Iíve read somewhere that people easier remember things they read in the morning. Personally, I prefer to revise in the evening. At the day of the exam Ė Iím blocked. I just canít look at that material anymore. I donít know why, maybe I become too nervous or I just think thereís no more use of it.

I know this is kinda late, cos the GCSEs have passed now (I'm a GCSE student too). However I found that printing off posters of important information and sticking them literally all over my walls for the month helped. Ha..

Also, I read revision guides every night before bed.

Well i think revision isn't that difficult if u have made notes during the course of ur study. Underlining test books and making easy to remember flow charts really help memorise stuff quickly. You can even make a flow chart on the computer but it might take a little time. And don't study too much on the day of the test. Just relax.
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