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what version of debian to put on a mac book pro?

Well I was going to go get debian to play with, but Im not to sure what version to get. I looked at the page and due to the mac book pro has a intel cpu but I'm not sure what one to get. x86 or the ai-64. Any one got a clue?

I'm pretty sure it is the X86 version since now it is a standard X86 Processor they have in there.

Also since your doing a Debian install, I highly recommend doing the netinstall version of Sarge.

That is the link to the netinstall page, just click on the X86 link and download that. It is very handy if you have limited hard drive space or anything of the sort or just do not wish to install some of the default programs that are included on the normal CD, it also downloads faster as well.

This is just like the one you were going to get except since your using it as a desktop you can de-select all the server apps and services that would normally be included to help streamline your system to do only what you need it to do rather than have a bunch of extra stuff in it that will slow down your boot up process and so on.
Thanks for the quick response, normally I would love to do the net install but I don't have my computer here at the moment, so I'm going to make use of this office's internet connection.

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