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I've been playing Eve for some time now and have really been heartened by the kind of players I encounter there. Sure there's the typical griefers which you get in any MMORPG, but as a rule, when you find your niche the people really do rally around you.

What I'm curious about is what other MMORPGs people are playing, what they've found about the communities that inspire them, and wether you recommend a personal preference is for sci-fi (I like fantasy, but I've got my sci-fi head on at the moment lol).
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I love EVE. Im still a bit of a newb, but Im in a great alliance (VOLT) and have met some of the nicest people in all my years of gaming. It also has one of the most international playerbases of any MMO that Ive ever played. Most of my corp lives in England, with some others spread throughout Europe and even one in Japan.
I play Flyff, and used to play on a private server of Rose. What's Eve? I know it's a MMORPG but what do you have to do in the game etc?
I play eve as well. I have played it for about 3 years now. I guess you could say I am hooked. I really play more than I should. But the community part of this game is what makes it great.

As far as what you do in can do anything from mining asteroids, to running missions (combat or courier), to manufacturing the ships or ships components. You can be a pirate and kill other players ships for their loot or you can be a pirate hunter. Or you can do all of the above. There are no limits in this game. You would be hard pressed to find a more diverse, complex, and enjoyable game. There is a 14 day trial, but you will only understand the very basics of the game in that time, and not really appreciate it for what it can be.
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The 14 day trial is still enough to get you hooked. Although after that you can start joining player corps and alliances, and thats when you see the immense complexity of the in game politics between player groups. In lawless space, its up to the players to enforce the rules how they see fit.
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