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anyone else in here find swearin offenive?

i have had just about enough of this. =they are just bloody words that:

1. if you trace them back dont mean anything rude at all
3. are words that used to be fine but somewhere along the linesomeboday has decided that they are rude.
2. they are just bloody words

i just argued with my mum about swearing, i argued a lot with friends on guildwars in my guild. god, if when youtr a youngun yuo dont have everyone telling you its naughty, you grow up they are just any other word.

its people, people being right stuck up themselves
Haven't you ever noticed that people who swear a lot, tend to not know many other words than the swear words they use?

I get sick of hearing people swear constantly.

I'd rather listen to someone with something intelligent to say, and hear them do so eloquently.

Of course, a swear word thrown in at the right moment can sound pretty funny, but I don't do it myself. Swearing is pointless.
A weird thing with me; I never swear while talking in my mother toungue (Swedish), but when writing in English I swear quite often.
Laughing I think that is true for a lot of people. As for me I do not swear as a habit. Only for effect.
I'm not one of the people who always swear... but if something happens like I'm working on something and it messes up... I'll swear then.
It doesn't bother me if others swear constantly though.
I never swear around my elders or my parents.
Well, most people tend to not swear as much around their parents or elder relatives either, at least the way I was brought up.

I remember way back when in grade school, our teacher read this book that had a kid in it who got money if he didn't swear, so he traded all his swear words for nonsensical words and swore to his heart's content.

I mostly use older swearwords these days, it's actually more satisfying..

Jösses and järnspikar anyone?
at the risk of soundling a know it all, i know i have a good vocabulary, but i "swear like a bishop" i dont get offended by it, they really are just words, its not a case of throwing them in pointlessly, or doing it on purpose, they are just everyday words to me.

why do people get offended?>
I'm not really that offended by swearing, but usually the people who use the most swear words are the ones with the smallest vocabulary, as someone mentioned. That's to my experience at least.

I gotta say though, I don't react the same way to swearing in english as I do in for example swedish. I'm guessing tv-shows, movies and radio stations have broadened my acceptance of english swear words.
People that swear publicly in Swedish on buses and what not I'd like to slap silly. But that's mostly in regard to the nastier of swear words.
but that doesnt change the fact you are offended by them inswedish. why are you
Yeah, I got to thinking that my point was kind of moot.. Very Happy

I guess it's the same reason people talking on mobile phones on public transports and smoking in restaurants may be offensive to other people. It doesn't fit my bill on what's appropriate I guess, I can understand people using swear words when arguing, irritated or hurt but just using them in a conversation isn't something I can relate to..
If I start swearing constantly it's because of one person. My brother ticks me off so much that I hate being at home during college breaks (I'm 22 Razz...he's like 25).

Other than that I don't really swear much, unless I make a big screw up or get the brunt of a big blow/injury then I swear to release >_>.

I...don't feel all that offended when I hear others swear though.
To people that say swearing is pointless, here's what I say: calling it swearing IS pointless. They're just words! Like any other word in the English language! I think it's wrong to discriminate against certain words of the English language just because SOMEONE SOMEWHERE along the line said, "Hey, these words are bad." LAME I say. LAME!!
I swear, but most of the time just when I am with my friends. You know how that is. You get around a bunch of guys like yourself and you don't need to try to hide anything.

I also know that some people think that swearing means you are unintelligent. In some respect it is, but some people aren't like that. I swear, but I am not some caveman. I know how to hold down an intelligent conversation, but screaming intelligent words when you are in a bad spot just doesn't feel as good.

Oh and does anyone know if it was the 'F' word or Shit that started out as a military acronym. I am not sure if it is true and looking for some answers.


a friend ofminemade a good point.

ONe day somebody in power decides that TV is a rude word for television.

so now we all call it tele or television becuse now TV is rude, nobody questions it.
It all depends on the company you keep. You wouldn't swear around your boss or boy/girlfriend's parents (hopefully!), but you'd probably not even think twice around your friends. It's all cultural.
I love swearing, but I don't do it all the time, okay, maybe a lot, but it doesn't mean I have a narrow vocab. I regard it as special set of words that I reserve for the right place and moment, which is sometimes a lot. But I dunno, I like it and my family does too. My mom and I swear infront of each other (she's and english teacher by the way), but I always know when isn't the right time to swear.

On a side note, I do know a lot of foreigners swear in English without even really thinking about it, it's really funny. In Finnish there's no word for crap, which is considered to be less offensive, so they always use the more offensive of the two versions when translating "paska" to English.
The subject of swearing is pretty interesting, actually. Smile

My username, for instance [darvit], was derived from the fictional swear word, D'Arvit, from the Artemis Fowl series. In this case, an author [Eoin Colfer] decided to make the word "D'Arvit" offensive in his books, and as a result, his readers have embraced the practice.

I know that language is constantly changing, and its evolution highly depends on the environment and social norms of a specific time. Due to high exposure to the evil media, I have grown desensitized to swear words. I honestly have nothing against these words anymore. As everybody has argued, though, people who construct sentences based on swear words usually have very limited vocabularies [for example: "Today I’m a free man Ladies look out F--k a wife Give me my kids B-tch! "--Kevin Federline].

I also think that the degree of "swear word desensitization" depends on the person's environment, exposure to media, and personal background. If a person's current companions constantly swear, then for them, it is normal and there's nothing wrong with it. On the other hand, if a person is brought up in a family where even the word "stupid" is considered a swear word, this person would go ballistic at the very sound of "s***" or "a**".

For me, at least, it's just as simple as that. Smile
I have to make a strike for cursing, as I rather call it. I noticed that in my
country, Sweden, most cursing has it's base in christian religion. It's slowly
changing with more imigration, but the common words are still connected to
the devil.
In southern Europe cursing more often is based on sexual references or family.
Saying something bad about onces mother can get you in realy nasty situation.
As for the U.S I belive it's often a sexual base aswell.

So, why am I for the use of this part of the language? Well, in the right place
it spieces up the language and is also a cultural connection to society aswell
as religion.
As for people who uses the language poorly it doesn't matter if they curse or not,
it still sound less interesting then with a broader number of words.

So, keep on cursing, but reflect over what you're saying rather then that it is
a curse-word.
Twisted Evil
agree with the environment thing, like when im in a pub with my mates, im efin this, fooking that.

but at work i dont swear (even though everyone else does, which i probs will soon)

but i have no thoughts when i use it, it just comes out klike every other word. but mymum, is all like, what did you just say, i didnt raise you to use words as horrible as that.

it just stupid, lets start a new generation of kids who use these horrible vulgarities.

i will use the words freely so they grow up using them like nothing (i dont havekids yet and probably never will Razz) not to use them all the freaking time, but ust that its not a bad thing to use them or if they hear them, used.
A couple of things...

- Actually taking offense at swearing is often pretty stupid. Most people who swear don't do it to cause offense. There are many other reasons people swear (to harmlessly let out aggression, to place special emphasis on something etc.) and some people just swear out of habit.
- They're just words. There's nothing 'vulgar' or bad about them other than that you think they are vulgar or bad. So, in one way, the fault for any offense is yours. Wink
- HOWEVER. People who swear all the time, or swear in rather unnecessary (if any can be said to be 'necessary') situations can be really, really annoying. In the same way saying 'like' at a rate of thirty times a minute, or humming a stupid tune over and over again is annoying.

So, one could say, that people should indeed Get The **** Over It. Smile
Nameless wrote:

- HOWEVER. People who swear all the time, or swear in rather unnecessary (if any can be said to be 'necessary') situations can be really, really annoying. In the same way saying 'like' at a rate of thirty times a minute, or humming a stupid tune over and over again is annoying.

Which was, incidentally, the kind of point I wanted to get across. I don't really have a problem with people swearing in general. I don't do it much, but while playing sports or videogames I let out a furious string of swearwords every once in a while. To me it gets offensive when people throw around swear words in everyday conversation, when there's no real reason for it. It's how I was brought up, it's my culture, and I'd like to think that you should respect that every bit as much as I respect your right to swear..
Swearing is better than keeping yur mouth shut. Its relaxing. When I hit my thumb with a hammer in example I scream the F-Word as loud as I can and then I feel calm again. I could just yell 'Banana' or another random word but it doesnt have the same effect. So I think swearing ISN'T pointless.
I think swearing is a bad habit that people get into,you always hear swear words wherever you go.On TV,in the street.Swear words have become a part of everyone as they can't be avoided.

As of now,I have gotten used to it,but i still don't like Swearing...I hate people who swear for Nothing.At least they could have a reason.Some people swear for "Fun".A guy called me "Son of a b*tch" for Nothing.When i asked him why,he said he wanted to Own me.

But,That's just my opinion.
I personnally find it a bit offensive, but i cant say that i have never sweared, lol some times people cant stop them selves from swearing, depends on some situations some times
I sometimes do and I sometimes don't. I don't give a **** if someone uses it to express themselves, and make the sentence stronger. (Like what I just did) But if it's being used to intentionally offend me (Go **** yourself and I hope the devil ***** on you), then I find it very offencive.
actually i swear some my self, and in the swearing, it somthimes just is like a word, as have changed a bit of collor, like bitch, people might say, this is my bitch, and mean it in an okay way, leading back to, this is my girl

i also say stfu plenty of times, even through i don't mean it as hard as it sounds.

but if someone swear at you, you can check the line, and when you connect it to a bad point, yeah, you get piss off

one calls me a dickhead, i will kill him

one calls me a stupid lusy faggot dickhead. i will cut his head off and diliverit to the front door of his house

but well, a word as ******, is both in english and danish is to put some pressure on a sentence in both a good and bad way


she is hot

she is ****** hot

who do sounds hottes ? if you ask me it would be the ****** one, here ****** is being a word for , mega, enourmus, verry, big things .

or as i think about my teacher

My teacher is stupid, because he get ours work, and he says, some are good, some are bad, what do we do about your problems ? he want us to decide what to be done, but we don't know it, because we don't got the others works, and can't see each problems, i would say, check them to find groups of problems and then work on that ( thats easy to do )

well, here as i fking really think about him ( this is the real true version)

My teacher is ****** stupid, because he gets our ****** work, and then he crys , some are good, some are bad, what do we do about your problems? he wants us to decide wtf to be done ?"! i would say, that he just ****** can check those good damm papers for groups of problems, and the just freaking take them up in the class, stupid ******.

if i told people the first one, they might agree , but say, could you not just ask him to do that.

if i tell the second one, most people probetly woud react like, wow your teacher really is a ****** huh ?

and the right responce about my teacher would be the second. well i can only say, i will use that from last school year, as i also learn about this year, because, when a teacher cant give my stuff a value, then im defentletly not sure about his teaching, oh ps : i had better
I've noticed two kinds of swearing. First there's the habit swearing where people use it as an adjective or adverb to just about any noun or verb they say. This is just kind of stupid in my opinion. It doesn't help you say what you want to say. It's just adding extra words that don't mean anything. My in-laws do this habitually and it's pretty annoying.

The second type of swearing is where you actually use it for what it's meant for. No, I don't mean calling a female dog a bitch. I mean swearing to be mean or angry or offensive. In this case, yes it's just a word. I just don't like being around people who do this a lot because they're generally negative people. Most of those things just don't need to be said. I find that if I have something to say where I need to swear, I'm better off if I just keep quiet for a while.

I guess swearing to be funny usually falls into those two categories but it is still a little bit different. I think it takes more talent to be a comedian who doesn't swear. Compare Bill Cosby to Chris Rock as an example.
Making a habbit out of swearing is pretty bad I agree, as in, putting certain swearwords in every random line you say (the f-word works pretty well with every thing). That is stupid.

But certain words are even worser I think. Like 'cancer' is a common swearword here, and it's just moronic to say it. Whatever though.
I dont swear on a regular basis usually.
Just when something really annoys me or if im having a really bad day i will just suddenly start swearing.

It does get to me how these words got known as swear words in the first place.
i swear now n again - dont see it as a major thing
when i am drunk, i our F**K infront of pretty much everyword i say but all thbough you have all made valid good points i just dont see why somewhere down the line some twit decided these particular words are somewhat offensive.
Well here in Australia - you can't help but swear! It's like, every word there's either; bl**** or bi*** or fu** or sh**. It's always like that. It's not a habit or anything but I guess it comes naturally for us. I mean, don't take Aussie's as bad people but when you're here, it gets quite contagious so you go swearing as well without you knowing it. But hey, we don't swear every 3 seconds.
Haha Cool I thought blimey was kind of like saying darned.. a sort of cleaned up swear word that you could use on tv and what not..!

What's it supposed to mean anyway? To me it just sounds like a non-sensical word that's thrown around when you're surprised and stuff, Steve Irwine comes to mind Crying or Very sad
Swearing is kind of like speaking; people don't quite understand all the words and are often offended by them.
Hmmm, my language allows a high variety of swearing, most commons is the association of two words. Usually they are nouns. Usually there are two nouns that are associated with any other noun from the dictionary. And the first man who tried to write a full dict. in this language wrote two huge books and he managed to reach B. Imagine how many books he could write to Z. And imagine how many swearings could be used.
I live in the same house as someone who has recently been diagnosed with tourettes.

aha. I swear more times in 10 minutes than that that features in the entire film of Goodfellas.

I don't find it offensive, they are just ways of expressing yourself more. - Within reason of course...theres a lot to be said about young people who swear, especially in front of adults etc and especially when they have no idea what they just said or what it meant.

Swearing in songs though shouldn't happen - writing songs IS a proper way to express yourself, and adding the odd F word or whatever is kinda like cheating the creative process.
I hate the stupid censorship, I really like this site and saw one of my post with the word a55hole and it was blocked. Ok whatever but if it is straight then I should b able to write it in ANY adult forum.
kevin briggs
i dont think i swear a lot untill i hear my 3 year old daughter call my 2 year old daughter a little bloody.
i guess me and my wife would say bloody and bloody hell a lot and the kids are starting to pick up on the words and phrases that we use.
so no i dont think that swearing is bad,but when young children starting using swear words in context,that has to be wrong
but does it have to be wrong, you just said you dont find it offensive.

coz if they grow up swearing they will swearlike you do?
Yantaal wrote:
anyone else in here find swearin offenive?

i have had just about enough of this. =they are just bloody words that:

1. if you trace them back dont mean anything rude at all
3. are words that used to be fine but somewhere along the linesomeboday has decided that they are rude.
2. they are just bloody words

i just argued with my mum about swearing, i argued a lot with friends on guildwars in my guild. god, if when youtr a youngun yuo dont have everyone telling you its naughty, you grow up they are just any other word.

its people, people being right stuck up themselves

If you go far back enough words used to be grunts, from your point of view you're saying that becase some words and meanings have changed that they aren't offensive, lots of meanings of words have changed. Words mean something and yes the meanings have changed but what they have chaged to is what they represent, swear words and their meanings have changed but for now they are meant to be offensive.

(Hope you understood some of that)
there is a time and place for all language, but I think swear words are over used these days. People shouldn't be angry enough to use words that express such anger so often, but then again language is always changing, meanings of words are always changing!
thats all well and good, but what i want toknow is why are these particular words swearing,

instaed of making f*uck the swear, as it is an alternative of sex, why isnt sex the swear word?

or instead of c*nt fanny?

its just silly, i dont accept them as offensive
I swear, but I don't do it all the time, well, maybe too much, but it doesn't mean I am ignorant or have a small or narrow vocabulary. My swearing comes from the environment that I grew up in and over half my adult life in the military. I regard swearing as a part of everyday life. Curse words, well most, are acknowledged in the dictionary as slang and part of the English language. But there is a time and place for everything. Even in my busy corporate word a well place swear word every now and then delivers the point, drives the plan home and yes even in some cases closes the deal. But everyone doesn't swear I am respectful to those that I am aware of that don't, but even they need to realize that that street is a two way.
I found I swear mostly when I am at work, I work in a factory around a lot of men, but when I leave work, i noticed my language changes too. I come home and swears are no longer part of my vocabulary. Once I tried really hard to not swear at work, but it is just second nature there, and you hear it so often from other people, it is the norm really.
i don't swear my family and elders(obviously) but i do when im out...but i know how to talk without swearing too
Swearing is ok, if you moderate it. What really annoys me if he constant "F This and F That!" I don't mind the odd bad work, heck I'm often using the odd bad word. Its just the constant swearing that's annoying.
Kaisonic wrote:
To people that say swearing is pointless, here's what I say: calling it swearing IS pointless. They're just words! Like any other word in the English language! I think it's wrong to discriminate against certain words of the English language just because SOMEONE SOMEWHERE along the line said, "Hey, these words are bad." LAME I say. LAME!!

Is it really pointless? True, they are just words and someone somewhere made it up. But that same person, or another, associated a "bad" meaning with it. It is not the words themselves, but the associated meaning they deliver. And "discriminate" is such an inappropriate word, it's classification.

And even if it were so, it is right to discriminate those words. Sure, the individual letters are fine themselves, it is as a whole that that word has a crude meaning attached to it. So, we must discriminate those words to reduce their usage. Swearing is just one of the many things that society would fare well without.
No, I don't. I swear quite a lot.
To the people who have posted saying that they count (presumably frequent) swearing as a sign of unintelligence or lack of vocabulary:

I have a friend who swears all the time--to make a point, to show emotion, in an argument with someone: if there's any vague reason to swear, she will, and she tends towards creativity in her cursing. This same person has a vocabulary and a grasp of grammar and spelling that had surpassed most of her teachers by the time she was in Year 5 of primary school. There is no measure by which she could not be regarded as intelligent. But she comes from a socioeconomic background that means she's grown up familiar with swearing, and therefore regards the swearwords in her vocabulary as words just as vital to her self-expression as any others.

To the people who have posted saying that swearwords are just words and taking offense at them is pointless:

Speaking for English swearwords, there are very specific cultural reasons for taking offense at those words, even though it is true that the value of offense accrued to some of those words has changed over the years. (By which I don't just mean that swearing is more widespread/accepted now, but that things like the F-word and a certain 'C' word for a part of female anatomy were once considered completely unoffensive and were, in fact, the commonplace terms for those things.)

For a start, there's the meaning of them. The worst swearwords in the English language have to do with sex, sexual taboos, and bodily functions. Once blasphemous exclamations were right up there too, but people appear to have moved right on from that for now. The point is that they are literally "dirty" words. They describe filth and disorder. They give offense, naturally, because they are words for things culturally considered offensive.

For a middle, there's the function of them. The traditional--and still common, I think--use of swearwords is as an insult and a signal of anger, or defiance, or contempt (depending on what words one is using, and to whom). There generally is a certain violence to saying them. There's a frission of danger, or threat. People rightfully take offense at that.

For an end, there's the class thing. In English, the words we use to swear are not vulgar just because of what they describe, but because of the sociohistorical context from which they come. When we think of people having a wide or good vocabulary, we think of them using words of more than two syllables, generally with Greek, French, or Latinate roots: these are words from the languages used by the ruling classes, particularly the Normans, in England. When people swear, they generally use monosyllabic words with Anglo-Saxon roots: the vulgar language of the working classes, the peasants, and the poor. Although people now are mainly unaware of this background, the distinction holds in the way we use language and in which words we are culturally conditioned to recognise as vulgar.

For a postscript, there's the thing where human civilisation relies on words like nothing else, even money. The wrong words can start a war; the right ones can stabilise an alliance. To nick a quote from Terry Pratchett, "civilisation is words".

All in all, the idea that taking offense at swearwords is pointless seems, to me, to be rather missing the point.

Swearing is meant to be offensive. I use them most when I've found a thing offensive and want to convey my feelings on the matter as quickly and potently as possible. I try to avoid using them as insults, because I've found it can backfire in many small ways and the argument often winds up being about "how could you say those things to me?" rather than what it started being about. But there is a clear use for them in the language. It benefits no one to ignore that.

To pedrothelion, regarding "blimey": according to this site, "blimey", like so many other apparently nonsensical exclamations, started out as a covered-up blasphemy. It comes from "cor, blimey", which comes from "god blind me", which comes from "may god blind me if it is not so". Like crikey, strewth, and other Steve Irwin-isms, it has largely fallen out of use, at least in Australia.

To the person who posted (further back than I can scroll) wondering whether f--- or s--- had a military origin:

Both words are so old that I highly doubt either one had a military background. However, the acronym FUBAR (f--- up beyond all recognition) has US military connections, and SNAFU (situation normal: all f----- up) apparently originated with the US Army during WWII.
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