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Any Good Online University?

Any Good Online University in the world?

Is it legitimate?

Tell me more about that.

Thanks a lot.
yes, i also want to know more about it
I think there are many Universities offer Distance Education right?

Kansas State University, Indiana State University, Texas Tech University Washington State University, etc...
Here in the UK we have the "Open University" which has been offering distance based learning (online/DVD etc) degree's since the 1960's. It was set up by the Government and has a good reputation.

I don't know what country you're from but here's a link to their site where you select your country and it will tell you what courses are available to you...

Whatever you do, good luck with it, but have a good think to see if attending a local uni is an option, there's so much more than just the learning, such as the lifestyle, fun and new friends you'll make Smile
I at a point was looking at Westwood Online and Strayer University
I think I like to study abroad. But since there's open university, I have to try it out. Thanks! Smile
I hear that there are reputable online universities nowadays, but I don't want to tempt fate. When I start taking classes online, it'll be at a state university that offers online classes. It's the exact same, the only difference is that you know it's a real school and so does everyone else.

Also, if a four year university isn't what you want or need, a lot of community colleges also have online courses and it is possible to get your entire degree online. It usually doesn't cost much more than normal, or at least here it doesn't.
Just wanted to add my two cents...

I started earning a degree through University of Phoenix. I am sure most of you have heard of it. I quit after completing only 3 classes because the cost was outragous!!!

I am going to be starting my bachelor's degree through a local university totally online!! My advice is to check into the schools in your state and see which of them offer online study. For one thing, it will be a school that others have actually heard of and another thing is that the tuition is much less, especially if you are attending a school within your state.

Community colleges also offer a lot of online courses at a cheaper tuition rate than the state schools also. You could start with your generals through the community college and then move on to the state university when you are ready for the rest of your classes.

People are very busy these days and attending school at "regular" hours doesn't always coincide with real life. Online learning is the way to go. About 6 years back when online learning was in the beginning stages, I earned my paralegal degree totally online. It was great, but I felt like I could have been offered more to learn through that program. Now the online learning is so advanced, you get your money's worth for your education.

I am curious to hear some stories of other people's online learning experiences.

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