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I cant login HELP!!!

I cna log in to my FTP help please ive never used direct admin
mattneed wrote:
I cna log in to my FTP help please ive never used direct admin

OK, not to sure whether your having problems with logging into directadmin or FTP, so I'll cover both options.

Here is some info that I will use to help you:

Username: mattneed
Password: only you know this

if your having trouble with directadmin try the following....

First, try and login to directadmin at - use the "username" and "password" that you recieved when your request for hosting was accepted (your username is above).

If that doesn't work try to login at

If that doesn't work try to login at

Follow this if your having problems with FTP.....

First, try connecting via ftp. Your username is mattneed, your password (which only you know) and try the following FTP address: Some programs require you to only type
Login in active mode and not passive mode.

If you can't login then try logging in to ftp via
the ftp address that you have to use is the username is mattneed and the password (which again only you know)

If you can login via then the problem is with your ftp program or firewall.
man Im having the same problem.. I checked all you said and its not working. .I just got my hosting details I was so over the moon. .what do I do now>? =( and if its the problem with my firewall what should I dowith my firewall? I've disabled my windows firewall.. now what?
I tried all those things.. I cant log in at, nor at
I disabled my windows firewall.. I still couldnt log in.. I tried logging in at It doesnt work. I tried logging in on my ftp client.. it gives me the following error
530 Logon failure

530 errors come from the FTP server. The server is rejecting the username/password you entered. The reasons could be an incorrect username/password combination or your account got disabled. Double check your username/password (e.g. is Caps Lock disabled?). If you are still experiencing problems contact the administrator of the FTP server. The FTP server is usually owned by a web hosting company (e.g. Yahoo, 1&1, etc). Contact the technical support of this company for assistance.

What do I do now? Please help!! Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
If the password received in your PM is different to the one in the email, use the one in your email.
^ If that doesn't work, ask to have your password to be resent/ reset and resent to you.
=( even that doesnt work.. yeah perhaps \i should ask them to resend it.. =( Crying or Very sad
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