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My new website on aircraft engineering


Hey people i need ur suggestion on how 2 improve the look of my website. Also tell me wat do u think abt it
Looked at your site and...nice one...although not world class there are a lot of...

Good points:

  1. I like the color scheme
  2. The layout and navigation are perfect
  3. You are using a liquid layout (resizes for screen width)

Nonetheless, nothing is perfect, so here are the negative points (places that could take some improvement):

  1. The text is quite easy to read because of your good color choice, however this could be further improved by increasing the line-height to something like 22 pixels. Add the following code to achieve this:
    <style type="text/css">p {line-height: 22px;}

  2. Your logo is being sized down by HTML - BAAAD - that means it looks worse (more "jagged" edges) and will take longer for the user to load than necessary - resize it using your photo manipulation program and post the image with the same width and height attributes as the original.
  3. You use .jpg excessively. - graphical elements such as your menu will look MUCH better as .png and wont even take longer to load - I only ever use .jpg for very complex graphics and photos - and if I use it for graphics I always increase the quality to somewhere between 90-100% - yours must be less, as the text on the links is almost difficult to read, because of the compression.
  4. Your graphical elements would look better if cared for a bit more...let me use an example:

  5. There is a lot of content on each site - depending on who your audience is, this might be ok - if your aiming for a non-informed audience (new to your subject), at least have some introductory pages with small amounts of text-content, and shiny pictures to get them interested (possibly as your start page).

Seriously though - I DO think you have quite a good clue about what web design is about - so don't be discouraged, but try to improve on the small things, which right now, are holding your site back at 6/10 Smile
you layout was organized an easy to follow, but the font is kind of small so it would be kind of hard to read for somone that has some eye problems. If you fix your font I think you should be ok but you should follow what the post before me said, I am not the best person to get feedback from but I try my hardest.

Good luck!
Hey thanks Guys. And i will look into the points mentioned by LukeakaDanish Smile
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