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Share your best/worst christmas memories!

Share your best and worst christmas memories!

My worst Christmas was when I was 15 years old. My family woke up early in the morning to open up Christmas gifts and then we got a call from my Aunt. She said that my uncle had passed away in his sleep. We were all very sad because he was very fun and outgoing. We all got dressed and drove up to visit my Aunt. Everyone was suppose to come to my house for a big Christmas dinner, but our plans got canceled. Instead we had to contact everyone in the family about my uncle. That year our Christmas was not only ruined but we also lost my uncle.

One of my best Christmas memories has to be last year when my best friend from England got to spend her Christmas holiday with me. We grew up together. Then when we were both 13 years old her parents said she was moving to England because her dad got relocated from his job. We would always keep in touch like talking on the phone, on msn messenger, and writing letters to each other. When she was 16 she got a job and she started saving up to come over to the Bulgaria and visit me and her outher friends. Well last year she had enough money saved up and she flew out and spent about 2 weeks with me. We catched up on a lot of stuff and it was nice to see my best friend again after so many years. That was one of my best Christmas's just being with my best friend! and I know I have many more wonderful memories ahead.
My worst Christmas has got to be the one where I fainted during the Christmas Eve service. I didn't eat much before the service and we got to the candlelight part and apparently I stood completely straight, ie locked my knees. I keeled over and had to be taken to the emergency room ~_~.

I don't really have a best Christmas...which I suppose is a good thing ^^;
Best Memory - getting an Xbox a few years back for Christmas. That was pretty cool... never gotten anything that expensive before XD.

Worst Memory - Kind of a little after Christmas... My dog died Sad - it was the first time in both my fathers and my life that we didn't have a dog. So it was pretty painful.

Worst memory made this year - My parents promised all summer to stay here for the holidays. The past 7 years, they have gone south for a warm winter. They headed south the Monday before Thanksgiving. Broke my spirit.

Best memory - Having the same present as my brother and sitting there daring each other to open first then race to get them open.
My worst Christmas memory involved me crying when I didn't get what I expected. I say it was the worst because when I look back on it, I feel incredibly guilty for being so spoiled and materialistic. These days, I don't ask for gifts.
I'd say the worst Christmas I'd ever have would have to be a tie between when I was 8 and when I was 10.

On my 8th Christmas, I still believed in Santa Claus, and every previous year had left cookies and milk near the fireplace. Well, I woke up Christmas morning to find the milk still there and the cookies uneaten. I ran to my parents asking what happened to Santa, and that's when they broke the news to me that he didn't exist. I felt really bad for nearly a week when that happened. Sad

On my 10th Christmas, my parents got into a huge argument over something stupid. We were supposed to go to some party, and we were late by about 5 minutes, and one of my parents got all upset that we made a "big appearance". The rest of the night they kept yelling at each other, ruining the party for me and making Christmas feel horrible. Sad

The best Christmas I ever had... probably every Christmas besides those two. Smile
2006 was my worst Christmas day as I need to work Sad
Ray Gravin
I would say my best christmas memory was the year my family was living in a hotel room in Ohio. My Mother and sister and I had just moved back to live with my father. My parents had been separated since before I could remember so It was my first christmas with my father. It was ruff on my dad and money was tight so we were staying in a hotel room that first year there. He's friends from work threw us a big christmas party and bought us all gifts and stuff. It was really nice. My dad was proud though, he didn't really care for all that.

My worst was probably from when I was younger. Again we were living in a hotel room but this time it was in Texas. My mom was seeing this guy at the time and he bought me the Death of Superman Graphic novel and took us out to eat at "the Happy Buddha" It wasn't really that bad but the Death of Superman was kinda depressing. It was like a morbid sign of the state my life had been in for that whole year. I was kinda growing up a little and realizing that things in my life weren't perfect and that life in general was cruel. Just sticks out in my mind a little : )
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