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Fiesta Bowl 2007 - Top 5 Games of All Time

Who else saw the game? Was that not incredible. First of all, I thought there was no way Boise State could blow their lead going into the final minutes of the 4th. Then Oklahoma scores, goes for the 2-pt. conversion THREE times and finally gets it... at this point I figured a tie would be fine, but they still had 2 minutes left to get the ball to the 30 and get a field goal to clinch the game. And then they throw an interception for a TD and then I thought it was over. But a few smart plays moved them downfield and then the unbelievable hook-and-ladder on 4th and 18 for a TD! That in itself should have made it one of the Top 10 games, but then overtime. Oklahoma's first play they run in for an easy touchdown and opt for the field goal. BSU comes back and barely picks up two first downs and gives the back the ball to throw a flare in the end zone. INCREDIBLE! And then to add the icing on the cake, the coach calls for the 2 pt. conversion, QB hikes, fakes the pass, slips the ball behind his back and the back runs it in easily for the win! A succesful statue of liberty to win the Fiesta Bowl and lead one of the biggest underdogs to a BCS victory! In my humble opinion, BSU should be playing Ohio State for the National Championship. Boise proved to the country and the BCS that they are contenders for national glory and just because they are members of a "non-BCS conference" shouldn't make a difference. Buckeyes vs. Broncos!
Three minutes into the opening quarter the game was tied 7-7.
No it wasn't. Boise went up 14-0 within the first three from a fumble at the Oklahoma 10. Stop spamming the boards flamer.
I saw this game and I really do think it's one of the best I've ever seen. It made up for falling asleep midway through last year's championship game!

All the suspense and trickery at the end had my boyfriend and me on our feet, shouting, because it was so fun to watch. I don't necessarily think that the quarterback's comments (about how this was, flatly, the best game EVAH) were necessarily on-target, but I'm all in favor of this becoming an instant classic.

I wonder if the remaining bowls will provide as much entertainment?
Well, I'm a unique perspective on this game. My father is from Idaho, but we live in Oklahoma. He went to Idaho University, which is a rival of Boise State. My sister and I attended Oklahoma State, (COWBOYS!)

So, no one in the family knew who to root for, but we finally decided while we wanted OU to get the win, it be be awesome if Boise State could pull it off, which they did.

But I agree, nail biter all the way, for both sides. Great game.

Great game.

Sad to say I turned off my radio when Zabransky threw the INT with a minute to go. I turn on the radio in the morning and I hear the score....

Shocked Mad
i think the best part of the game was after the game. when one of the reporters from the sideline totally botched boise state's star surprise proposal to his girlfriend on national tv. stupid fool...
I also turned it off when Boise State threw the INT to fall behind. I decided to turn it back on just in time to see the hook and ladder play. It may not have been the greatest game, but it had one of the greatest endings.
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