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Resume on the internet

I'm actually posting to get some hosting on this site, because I've read some decent reviews on it. I will eventually get a paid site but for now I want to post my resume up on the web. Is this a good idea? Has anyone ever gotten a job from putting their resume online? What's the best way to get your resume out and about?
I posted my resume on, and I actually did get a few responses from prospective employers through it. While I ended up getting hired from a company I was introduced to at a career fair, one of the responses was a great company and near the top of my list of desired employers.

If you do post your resume, in addition to your plans to post it on your own site, I would recommend using standard ones like Monster, Yahoo careers...(there are others that I can't remember), as this is likely where most employers will be looking for resumes, rather than them stumbling across your site.

Good luck!
i think there will not be too much responds
I use the internet every time that I look for a new job, and haven't had very much luck with just posting a resume and waiting for a response. I've gotten responses, but mostly from staffing agencies about positions I had no interest in or at a time that I already had a job.

The best tool for me has always been craigslist. I've been told by HR reps that they've noticed that people who look on craigslist and do so seriously, tend to get 'snatched up' faster. You still have to have a good resume, experience and references but it is an invaluable tool.
I posted my resume on the net. But that does not focus to get a job, I just wanted myself to be present.


for my resume.

If you are focusing on a job fetching resume, that is not the link for you. Better go to some job portal.

All the best.
I had posted my resume on internet when I came out of the college...there were not many calls at that time.
I had posted it on, and some other site sas well.

Now I've around 1.5 yr of exp. I recently updated my resume on these sites. Immediately the offers and calls ahve started coming..that too from some good and reputed companies.

I'm in the software industry and from what I've seen the usual trend is that the companies hier freshers from the college through campus interviews and for exp ppl they hunt on the job sites.

Don't know much abt other industries tho.
But I still think that contacting a placement agency will give much better results that posting the resume on the net.
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