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Torchwood Series 2

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Torchwood returns for series two

BBC Wales' Torchwood has been commissioned for a second series and this time the sci-fi thriller will be shown first on BBC Two.
The first series starring John Barrowman as time-travelling Captain Jack has smashed viewing records.

An audience of 2.4 million tuned in for the episodes one and two of the first series, which is showing on BBC Three.

It was the highest audience for that channel and the highest ratings for a non-sport programme on digital TV.

Created by the writer of the new Doctor Who Russell T Davies, Torchwood (an anagram of Doctor Who) is produced by BBC Wales in Cardiff, where the series is set.


The storyline follows a team of modern day investigators as they use alien technology to solve crime, both alien and human.

Swansea-born Russell T. Davies, also the creator of Queer as Folk and Second Coming, said: "The whole team is bristling with ideas and we are delighted that Cardiff is going to be home to more monsters and mayhem."

The series, which is screened after the 9pm watershed, is aimed at a more adult audience than the family-orientated Doctor Who, where Barrowman's Captain Jack character first featured.

Julian Bellamy, controller of BBC Three, said: "Breaking all records on BBC Three is no mean feat and we've been proud to help build Torchwood into one of the most talked-about and eagerly-anticipated series of recent years."

BBC Two controller Roly Keating said: "Inventive, intelligent and unpredictable, Torchwood is a brilliant piece of 21st Century fantasy drama.

"I'm delighted that its second series will be premiering on the channel."

Filming for the second series is due to start in Cardiff next spring and the programmes will screen later in 2007.

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SOO... Is this good news? Or bad news? What is your opinion!?
It's good news--it means that the creators have the chance to develop a firmer meta-arc for the series (and were they ever hinting at their intent in the last episode), and after the last few episodes of the first series I'm confident that the writing team can pull together a suitably suspenseful storyline.

I did have issues with the first season--a whole range of issues, in fact--but I have the feeling that many of them arise from the fact that the first season was really just feeling its way towards what it might become--as often happens with first seasons, and especially with spin-off shows. As a result, some of the character development felt sketchy and some of the episodic plots seemed to be a case of people working out a bunch of different directions the show might possibly go in.

By the end of the first series they seem to have settled on one, and the benefit of a second season is that we get some payoff--we're going to be able to see a more directed story arc, the actors are going to be settled into their characters, and we might even get some answers to some of the questions that have just been left hanging from the first season. And there was enough that was good in the first season to make me feel that it's worth coming back to see how those things pan out in the second one.
Never seen it/heard of it... sorry
twisthigh wrote:
Never seen it/heard of it... sorry

It's a British (BBC) show, spinning off from the new Doctor Who series--it's intended to be grittier, more for an adult audience. The first season has just finished airing in the UK; I'm not sure whether it's been shown on TV anywhere else yet. (Although the official site is telling me that if I'm outside the UK I can't watch any of the video for rights reasons, so probably not.)
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