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Animated icons for desktop, Windows XP

I was wondering if it would be possible to create animated icons and use these icons as icons for files on my desktop. Can I make it so my desktop files are animated? I am trying to make my desktop look like the desktop on a game called Dot Hack. Is this currently possible?

I am using a Windows XP 2.93GHZ processor, 496MB of Ram.
After Googling for a bit, I found this.

Just make an animated gif in Fireworks or Flash or whatever, then convert it with one of the programs listed at the bottom.

Just beware that some of them may cost money.
using photoshop you can easily make an animated picture and then just make sure you save it as a .ico I think or .gif (i don't think .ico can be animated, but I may be wrong). Then you have to use a program called reshacker to view all the details of...I think it is either system32.dll or explorer.exe, I can't remember which, then replace say, the folder icon, with the one you want to use. This is the mose efficient way to do it since you do not need to run another program in the background to monitor your icons.

The easiest way to do it, but will eat up a lot of system resources because it is running another program is by running a program called IconPackager that can be downloaded from here and then I'm pretty sure it allows you to import your own custom Icons...though there are a lot of pre-made ones available on the web. You just have to google for IconPackager Icons.
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