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Interesting concept, but why?

Good afternoon,
I recently discovered Frihost looking for a new place to host my personal blog, and was rather surprised at the amount of space and features offered for a free webhost. So of course I came here and started reading the "fine print" so to speak.
And from what I understand so far, the only requirements are to remain active in the forums, am I correct?
If that's true, this is a very interesting concept in hosting. So the 64k dollar question is why? Why offer something unique as this to really not a whole lot of benifit to anyone but the community.
Don't get me wrong, it sounds like a very GOOD way of offering services, but in this day and age, something that doesn't work too well. How and why do you do it? And if it is as good as it sounds I will definately recommend you to others.

Josh D
AKA RisingSunn
Look at this topic - I think it explains what your asking
Basically, we offer you professional-level web hosting and you're correct - we don't charge you anything, but we ask you to remain active on our forums. This ensures that we get enough traffic on this site so that we generate enough revenue from advertising to cover the cost of the servers. We don't place any ads on your site at all (meaning your site is either ad-free, or you can put your own ads on your own site and make your own money).

We ensure that you remain active on the forums using a point-system. One good post will make you up to 4 points, which is enough to give you 4 days of free web hosting. All we ask is that you don't spam to make your points - at Frihost, we pride ourselves in having a high-quality forum and we keep it relatively spam-free.

The only potential drawback is that accounts are not created automatically - after you apply, it may take a few days for your account to be processed and activated. However, just about every user here will tell you that it's worth the wait!
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