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check this out and tell me what you think please


Just let me know what you think about them please. Thank you.
Watch out with the loud background music, that cant be controlled by the user - this is very unpopular with many people (me included).

Looks quite good, however I don't see any reason for the "click to enter" message, so why don't you get rid of that.
Yea I also suggest getting rid of the background music because many users don't like it and it also makes the site look unprofessional. Also I don't know if you can legally use that song (from two towers I think), it is good though. If you really want the music you can still keep it because I doubt they will do anything to you since your site is still small (maybe just send a warning if they want you to take it off).
hmmmm ok i can use the music because im not making money from it... so theres no issue there.. i have to have the click to enter there becuase theres no way to get into the forums without clicking it....... the music... im also too lazy to remove lol
mattneed wrote:
hmmmm ok i can use the music because im not making money from it...


Just because your not making money from it does NOT make it legal. Not in any way. It IS copyright infringement, and I srsly suggest you get rid of it.

(if your too lazy, why the **** did you ask us for our opinion? Evil or Very Mad )
So you have removed the music. Main page looks a bit lame. Thin red text on black background is very hard to read. Site stats -page is very messy and badly layouted or it has some mistakes.

Forum has nice layout, but it is hard to find on site. Pictures containing text flowing down are very annoying.
This red font is awfull ...
This black'n'grey combination isn't good too ...
I'm not sure about the placement of this whole modules (news, menu etc)... it's too wide... and the "Online" too thin ...
Forum is better, but i think that this is a template Smile
Indeed a template. I have to agree with most of the others here. Red does not show up well. There is no logo or name in anyway in the header. Needs a lot of work.
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