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Impossible to upload in any way VERY ANNOYING

I've been having some FTP problems lately that have completely cut off my ability to upload files (when combined with some direct admin problems that I'll get to later).

My primary way of connecting is SmartFTP using active mode (Just so you won't ask me, "are you using active or passive mode?").

This is the error I get:

[14:18:43] 257 "/" is current directory.
[14:18:46] TYPE A
[14:18:46] 200 Type set to A
[14:18:46] PORT 192,168,0,197,10,123
[14:18:46] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.
[14:18:46] Server closed connection

At the green part it is connected, and seems to be working properly, but whenever I try to change the directory, I get the red error message
This is with SmartFTP in active mode. I have also tried fireFTP (which did about the same thing, only with less descriptive error messages), as well as trying both in passive mode. Nothing works.
I did somehow get through to upload two files just a few minutes ago, and that made me hope that the problem was over, but now its back and I still can't upload anything. (Which is very very bad)

Why not just use direct admin's file manager in the meantime, right? Well, when I try to upload any files with that, I get a 'connection to the server was reset' message every time, although everything else in direct admin seems to be working.
Could you please try ftp again? I finally managed to find something that re-enables the passive ftp.

Also, could it be that something on your side like network/firewall is blocking some ports? This really doesn't seem normal.
I will try again with my usual setup: this post is made from someone else's computer. However, it doesn't seem that anything has improved yet. The only FTP program available on this computer, though, is IE, so a real test of weather anything has changed for the better will be forthcoming.

Also, although the firewalls I have to negotiate may block active mode without blocking passive mode, thereby causing a problem, the DirectAdmin problem did not start until the FTP problem did; before then I had been able to use it just fine. I doubt that my college just happened to change firewall settings at the same time, but I will attempt to use the file manager from a computer behind different firewalls.
I am having the same problem.

I'm using cyberduck to ftp.

I can get connected to the server, but it times out while trying to list the directory.

I get a I/O Error: Read timed out (/).

Any suggestions?

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Prabhu Raj
Dear Bongings,
I use Leach FTP and had the same problem. But now it seems the problem is rectified. This is no way related to clients. This is a server mis config.
Well, I don't know about these tag-along posts' authors' problems have been solved, but now both my FTP and direct admin file manager work. FTP still won't work in passive mode, but it will work in active mode; I'm thrilled to have any way to upload files. (You don't truly appreciate things until you don't have them) Thanks, Bondings!
Well the problem mysteriously solved itself. Maybe because the server was restarted or simply because it stopped raining. Anyway, let's hope it stays this way then. Wink
I'm glad I read this thread. Cyberduck rules! For FTP I usually use Transmit, but since its not open source its definitely not as cool. I also use Fugu, which is open source, and on Windows, Filezilla.

As an aside, does anyone know of an open source sshdrive alternative? It allows you to mount a remote filesystem via ssh. So cool.
infobankr wrote:
As an aside, does anyone know of an open source sshdrive alternative? It allows you to mount a remote filesystem via ssh. So cool.

I don't know if Putty is open source or not, but it's free. However, you're not allowed to use SSH on Frihost.
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