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How to connect to the internet using Ubuntu Linux 6.06

How can I connect to the internet using Ubuntu Linux 6.06?
I dual boot ubuntu (think its 6.10 though), but that connected through my broadband automatically - as soon as i turned it on!
What kind of internet connection are you talking about? Dial-up? ISDN? ADSL? Cable? Other? Please provide more information to help people understand your situation and to be able to help you.
If you are plugged into a wire for your internet, it should automatically connect as soon as you boot up with out any problems what so ever.

If you are using either a wireless network or wireless internet you need to do a good bit of research to first find out if your card has a compatible chipset, then if it does, then find a linux driver for it either on the manufacturers website or through google and if it does not then you have to download a program called NDISwrapper and hope that it can utilize your windows drivers to run the card.

You do need to be more specific though if you hope to get any sort of relevant help.
I guess that you're facing that infamous windows only ethernet card problem in Linux.

Try to get the restricted modules .deb from an ubuntu repository, it had once solved my problem.

The reason why this happens is that ubuntu is a totally free software operating system and some modules (a.k.a drivers) for ethernet cards in Linux are not Open Source or free softwares. So ubuntu is not shipping them with their distribution.
You should be more specific, I mean, is it your ethernet connexion (wired/wifi?) that is not working, or can't you connect to your ISP at all?
if its wired, then plug in the network cable BEFORE you boot up otherwise it might not work. if its wireless, i dont have a clue :p
it is possible to connect to the internet even after you boot into ubuntu.

System-->Administration-->Network (i think it is there only).
enter your password.
activate something like etho.
browse away to glory..

there is a command also but i seem to have forgotten that..
Arno v. Lumig
How is he supposed to download ndiswrapper if he's not connected to the ethernet?

First give us some more information about your network. Is it wired or wireless? What is the manufacturer of your card? Is it on-board, if so, is it a VIA chipset?

Then type in ifconfig in an terminal window, and give us the output.
Try to ping your router (ping <router-ip>_) and give us the result (press ctrl-c to stop it).
You might aswell post /etc/resolv.conf here, but that's probably not much of a help.

he could use another computer...put it on a floppy/cd/pendrive and move it over...that is what I had to do for the longest time on my old desktop to get stuff to work before I was able to finally configure the ethernet on it to work.
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